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  1. Why does paper move erratically when falling?

    why do those aerodynamic forces vary?
  2. The question is in the title Here is what i mean What stops it from just falling in a straight(ish) line? because as you can see it moves a fair distance from where it was dropped
  3. What do you guys think to this? https://31.media.tumblr.com/06d5b1bbef34557afa604718b89384be/tumblr_n5ux6sq7W71sfeevdo1_500.jpg
  4. well... this was an interesting read. What is the answer i should trust then? @ Ophiolite No worries, i have got my answer and this seems the most plausible to me
  5. A few questions

    @ Phi for AllThat seems plausible, thanks very much!
  6. A few questions

    True, thanks
  7. A few questions

    Acme, the question is hypothetical therefore I am only interested in what is the possibility if it did happen. Unlike in movies. As for other members.. thanks for your answers
  8. A few questions

    We'll in that case I have found science's unanswered questions then. Thanks though
  9. A few questions

    So as a result of this can we deduce that I am a fairly light sleeper?
  10. Was told to make this separate thread
  11. why do allergies exist?

    Very interesting, thank you
  12. A few questions

    Thanks for the answers! Sorry i don't make a thread each question; i do have a lot of questions... I have a pretty good understanding now However.. still don't understand number 5. It is the fact that i actually wake up randomly, literally nothing has provoked the wakeup but then second later, something happens
  13. A few questions

    Thanks for the answers however still unsure on the 3rd question.. what was actually the first living thing? where did the first ancestor of humans come from?
  14. A few questions

    Thanks for the answers!