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  1. why do those aerodynamic forces vary?
  2. The question is in the title Here is what i mean What stops it from just falling in a straight(ish) line? because as you can see it moves a fair distance from where it was dropped
  3. What do you guys think to this? https://31.media.tumblr.com/06d5b1bbef34557afa604718b89384be/tumblr_n5ux6sq7W71sfeevdo1_500.jpg
  4. well... this was an interesting read. What is the answer i should trust then? @ Ophiolite No worries, i have got my answer and this seems the most plausible to me
  5. @ Phi for AllThat seems plausible, thanks very much!
  6. Acme, the question is hypothetical therefore I am only interested in what is the possibility if it did happen. Unlike in movies. As for other members.. thanks for your answers
  7. We'll in that case I have found science's unanswered questions then. Thanks though
  8. So as a result of this can we deduce that I am a fairly light sleeper?
  9. Thanks for the answers! Sorry i don't make a thread each question; i do have a lot of questions... I have a pretty good understanding now However.. still don't understand number 5. It is the fact that i actually wake up randomly, literally nothing has provoked the wakeup but then second later, something happens
  10. Thanks for the answers however still unsure on the 3rd question.. what was actually the first living thing? where did the first ancestor of humans come from?
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