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  1. Is naptha miscible with water? Thanks
  2. The mix is 66% KCl and 33% NaCl. By adding enough water (at 100c) to dissolve 100g of the mix, cooling to 0, and filtering. My maths say that the precipitate will be 12.5% NaCl and 87.5% KCl and the remaining solute, 57.7% KCl and 43.3%. Is there a way to get a purer sample (~95-99%), without redoing it 5 times?
  3. Really? cerium(III) sulfate decreases it's solubility with temperature, sodium sulfate also starts to become less soluble after ~30C. But I think that calcium hydroxide get's more soluble when heated.
  4. So fractional crystallization would give a pretty much pure KCl yield?
  5. Ahh, sorry I meant fractional crystallization. doh!
  6. Is this the best way to seperate the two salts? heating to 100C letting it cool to ~50C then filtering?
  7. Maybe sulfuric acid? or just heating to about 800-900*C?
  8. So you mean it wouldn't produce dimethyl sulfate but dimethyl ether + SO3?
  9. If methanol and H2SO4 react: 2 MeOH + H2SO2 → (Me)2SO4 + 2 H2O but then (Me)2SO4 reacts with water: H2O + (Me)2SO4 → H2SO4 Wouldn't this mean when the H2SO4 reacts with the methanol, that the methanol would produce dimethyl sulfate then react with the water and start the cycle again?
  10. Would NH4NO3 work if you didn't have any KNO3? just a thought
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