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  1. Well, then, I am, leaving finally, because, I am, getting nowhere, and, I believe, that, I am, definitely, on the totally wrong web site. I am actually seeming to be wasting my precious time right out right here right now. Before I leave, I feel so sad for all the people out there who cannot see from the Darkness into the Light, into The Path Of Illumination. Good Journeys. Arjun Shriram. 3, May, 2013, AD. 4:41 PM.
  2. I can see very clearly now for the first time ever in my life that people who are uneducated enough cannot even scratch the surface of what I am tring to discuss. They are lashing back at me because I am poking too many holes in their very tiny tea cups. I believe you that you may be falsely thinking that I am trying to prosecute the masses. Pardon me but I would have to beg the dear Lord if I was doing exactly just that. He just send me an email saying that I am on the correct path (LOL). Evading and avoiding topics of discussion is a pure and total act of cowardness. So stand up and
  3. “According to the Buddha’s timeless law of Dependent Origination, it is because of volition that consciousness keeps arising throughout endless world cycles. And it is certainly true that in Buddhist philosophy one’s choice is not determined by anything in the physical, material world. Volition is, instead, determined by such ineffable qualia as the state of one’s mind and the quality of one’s attention: wise or unwise, mindful or unmindful. So in both quantum physics and Buddhist philosophy, volition plays a special, unique role” Excerpt From: Jeffrey M. Schwartz & Sharon Begley. “The Mi
  4. That is called "cortical remapping" and "network remodeling". The case which you speak of is exactly the very same and exactly the very same type that is written down in that favorite book of mine by that favorite author of mine. Several people who had entire halves of their brain removed (hemispherectomy) and now leading completely normal lives. Gifted artists, gifted musicians, etc. Look up someone called V. S. Ramachandran and you will understand better what both you and he are talking about. Thank you very much for accepting the reality of it all. I hereby admire and cong
  5. You are absolutely one hundred percent right. But please also tell me how people are being cured of major strokes and seizures throughout the world without using any medications at all and if a person has had a major stroke or a person has had a major seizure then pray tell me that how is he or she expected to "do stuff" when he or she is completely paralyzed? If anything at all, strongly, I am on exactly the other end of the deterministic spectrum you are talking about. I am a Very Hard core believer in non-materialistic reductionism which the author of the aforementioned book also is
  6. This is one of the best posts I am coming across at long last now from a guy who seems to be a real genius. I am not trying to flatter him but I am merely admiring the "qualiia" (Latin or Greek for quantity) the level of of his knowledege. The famous cliche that the brain is the most complex organ in the universe still appears to hold true for many people. The brain has around one trillion neuronal connections which continuously keep rewiring themselves as they receive new information. It continues throughour life to form new neuronal or neural networks and trillions of more connections as
  7. If psychiatric or psychological authority holds no solid foundation for you then you really must be a real genius yourself and I am so glad to have met you people only because I was the foolish one who was trying to explain and to discuss what power the mind holds for mankind. If this is not a relevant topic for discussion in a public forum on General Philosophy then perhaps I should be well advised as to which other public forum I should switch to. We are discussing human nature right here. If that is not appropriate then I believe that this particular forum should be locked. Before I prepare
  8. Which guy? The Hunan or the Human? In addition to our individual papers for the JCS issue, Stapp and I wrote an “appendix” that appeared between them. It became our strongest argument yet of the power of quantum physics to support the causal efficacy of mental force: “The basic principles of physics, as they are now understood, are not the deterministic laws of classical physics,” we wrote. The basic physical laws are, rather, those of quantum physics, which allow mental effort to “keep in focus a stream of consciousness that would otherwise become quickly defocused as a consequence of the
  9. Too much knowledge: The Hunan Brain can store 2.5 petabytes of data. Too much knowledge is 2.5 petabytes of data that the Human Brain is capable of storing.
  10. I also make a lot of the number 2. Because 2 x 4 = 8. I was born on 08/08/1969. And the number 8 is made up of 2 circles. Which are the 2 Universes as described by Wikipedia.
  11. I am not discussing Physics, I am discussing Quantum Physics.
  12. And in my view the direction should remain focused on the subject matter at hand that has been copied and pasted simply for the benefit of anyone who wishes to read it. If no one wishes to read it then I believe that this thread should be locked as well.
  13. I am definitely NOT trying to: 1. To induce someone to convert to one's own religious faith. 2. To induce someone to join one's own political party or to espouse one's doctrine. I am merely stating the facts as they really are known to me from the perspective of a complete layman. But even that author of that book admits that that can be an extremely difficult task to work on elaborating a new concept of reality. He was quoting Wolfgang Pauli of Max Planck fame. If you have not heard his name then please search for it. And he is certainly not a God and even he does not have all th
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