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  1. my notebook is lost!, i have to rewrite it all before i can get back to that problem
  2. Here's the problem: "Give the ground state electron configuration of maganese and draw its orbital notation." The issue is i don't have a clue on how to due this problem, it was kinda just thrown at me. In the book it shows the answer but i don't know how they got to that conclusion. If someone could give me the steps to solving this type of problem that would be great.
  3. The only part i'm not understanding is how you got the 2.59 and 2.57 i can't seem to recreate that... Other than that i understand this perfectly. Thanks for the help..
  4. Ok so when i take and do what you say i get: Jeweler A: 0.863g = 0.7 , 0.869g = 1.3, 0.859g = 0.3 These decimals divided by 3 = 2.6 The Percentages are: 99.1%, 98.5%, 99.6% and divided by 3 = 230.8 I also, got an average of 99% for jeweler A... Jeweler B: 0.875g =1.9, 0.834g = -2.2, 0.858g = 0.2 These decimals divided by three = 4.3 The Percentages i got were: 97.8%, 102.6%, 99.7% = 233.6 I also, got an average of 100% for jeweler B. So i think that Jeweler A is more Accurate and Jeweler B is more Precise... i went out of my way spit balling any and every possibly answer... is there an easier way?
  5. I've been studying up for my GED exam and to get ready for college. So I bought the Chemistry Workbook for Dummies. There is a question that i am unsure of how to go about on it.. If any of you would like to show the steps in how to solve this type of problem i would love it.. Ok, so here it is... "Two Jewelers were asked to measure the mass of a gold nugget. The true mass of the nugget was 0.856 grams. Each jeweler took three measurements. The average of the tree measurements was reported as the "official" measurement with the following results. Jeweler A: 0.863 g, 0.869 g, 0.859 g. Jeweler B: 0.875 g, 0.834 g, 0.858 g Which Jeweler's official measurement was more accurate? Which jeweler's measurements were more precise? In each case what was the error and percent error in the official measurement? " So you all know i am a total newbie to Chemistry and this question is on page 15... Any ideas?..
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