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  1. I too have bouts with belches that taste like sulphur. Just had an episode last night, this time I threw up once, but burped and gasy all night. I believe it's coming from the different types of food on the market these days. I generally eat fresh vegetables, and well rounded meals. i have noticed in the last 10 years I've been experiencing more issues with my stomach and been more and more gasy. So i've been paying attention to the brands of food I eat closer and I'm realizing the brands that are known to have GMO's seem to be the cause for my issues. My idea to put a stop to these issues, is I've planted my own vegie garden, eat only non-GMO products and staying away from Milk since milk seems to be a food laced with poison. My thought on this issue is our government is poisoning us slowly killing us off, don't agree? maybe you should look into the amount of teenagers that are all the sudden having extreme gastroenteritis, or the fact that the market is full of digestive system drinks. 20 yrs ago there wasn't half the people with stomach problems as there are today. Doctors don't have a clue as to why there are so many kids with these issues, let alone do they know what to do for them... Change your diets, buy organic food, stay away from prepacked frozen foods, kellogs, and any other well known GMO. The pestiscides in GMO grown foods is at a deadly rate and your government doesn't care to protect your health or anything else from the causes and side effects of GMO's. yes GMO's are proven to cause tumors and other deformaties on rats. Why do you think over half the world has stopped excepting any kind of GMO foods from the United States. Read and learn about the food you buy in your neighborhood grocery store, half of it is posion.. You are what you eat!!!
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