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  1. thanx for the answers i meant mterial when i meant you cnat have -1 of something I really didnt know that the big bang wasnt a bang so then how was the big bang created oii mean the matter and antimatter for it? i have a new one so here it goes: If you would put antimatter and matter in a vaccum and then compress them so that they cannot explode would the result be grey matter a sort of matter neutral of both? if not how would it be possible to create a weapon using antimater since it would just explode which is good if creating a bomb but other than a bomb what can be build
  2. Sorry if they are stiupid or incorrect because I'm 11 and i can only use common sense 1st theory.I think that the law of psyhics stating that energy cant be created from nothing is either incorrect or unneeded how do I prove it?Simple for it all to begin(to get the matter and antimater for the big bang) we needed something to be created out of nothing or nothing is actualy something in which case it is unneeded how do i TRY to prove this??Simple by dividing something infinite times you get to nothing,I am well avare that this i impossible but so are negative numbers(you cant have -1 of something)well impossible is not the correct term its better to use the term Vrtual.That is how I try to prove this 2nd.I dont know if this is true or not because in my country the education is not so good(montenegro is my country) I think that the reason the big bang was a BANG was that when you mix matter and antimatter they explode. 3rd Light has weight! How do I prove this?Simply black holes are black because they suck in light with GRAVITY.I think that gravity would'nt attract it if it didn't have mass
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