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  1. I'm not dogmatically saying that there IS a way things are supposed to be and I'm not trying to impose my value judgements on anyone. All I'm saying as I have said various times is that MAYBE our anatomy does speak for itself concerning what is best for us...MAYBE...What we decide to do with our bodies is obviously our own choice. I referenced many science based proofs of differences that MAY actually point to a way that would be better for us to physically express ourselves, sexually speaking. However, when people try to discuss such controversial topics and aren't all green lights about it they tend to get thrashed regardless of whether or not they are discussing it in a respectful manner. Of course people are going to smoke and get inebriated and do all kinds of things that aren't totally good for them, but virtually everything we do with ourselves has some sort of affect on others as well. Science is indeed utilized from time to time to determine what is and isn't ethical for us in society. I'm not condemning anyone and I'm not telling anyone what to do, especially since I've launched missiles up my own rear. As ridiculous and corny as it may sound, I'm just thinking about what might be best for us as a whole. Some of you may doubt that and thats your right, but those are my only intentions. "You really have no right to impose your values on someone else's life." Even though this is not what I am trying to do, this statement in and of itself is your value judgement concerning what individuals should do with their values.
  2. The whole hitting the computer deal when angry is a good analogy of how some hit themselves as a way of directing their anger towards themselves over something gone wrong. I would suggest talking to him first (which you've probably already done) before you see a behaviorist. If your child persists after your attempt to speak to him then seeing a behaviorist would probably be advisable.
  3. By no means am I trying to slip under the abuse radar. I am not trying to throw stones, I've already stated that on a couple of occasions. I am also against social stigma, which can often lead to horrendous events such as auschwitz. I visited that concentration camp in Poland. No words can describe the depravity that can occur when people's assumptions and responses to those assumptions are left unchecked. It is for this reason that I respect your desire to know what my 'agenda' is. As I said before I was speaking to someone on the chat site regarding which orifice was more prone to STDs. This individual encouraged me to post my findings under that title and also state my views on whether or not I believed that one could reasonably state that the differences between the anus and the vagina, their uses, and the results of their uses actually pointed towards heterosexuality as the human ideal and/or 'model' for human sexuality. Whether or not heterosexuality is a type of 'order' that is better left respected is an extremely controversial issue and obviously cannot be answered solely on the basis of our anatomical structures, for many more questions exist regarding the complex nature of human sexuality. All I was saying is that although one cannot make such a deduction solely on the basis of our anatomical structure, it may actually be a piece in the puzzle of our understanding human sexuality and what is best for us. Even if we did eventually find out whether or not heterosexuality is the way things are 'supposed' to be, by no means do I believe that that would make it acceptable for anyone to abuse those that felt pulled in the opposite direction. I am in total agreement that the unhealthy nature of anal sex would also apply to heterosexual couples as well and that there are a variety of ways that sex is expressed among people of different sexual orientations which does not always involve anal sex. I am not seeking to single out anal sex, however, since it is in actuality viewed by some as being not that different from the vagina, I made it the focus. If anyone thinks that my agenda is to abuse others that is not my intent.
  4. There is nothing half baked about the following information...It comes from a very unbiased site...Once again I have experimented with same sex activity and opposite sex. This isn't about bias it's about anatomy. STDs: Anal sex is the highest risk sex act that men who have sex with men can perform. Virtually every STD can pass between partners during anal sex, and for most, penetration isn't necessary and a condom may not protect you. STDs are harder to diagnose when they are inside your anal canal and not on your penis. STDs commonly passed during anal sex include: HIV, herpes simplex, gonorrhea, syphilis, molluscum contagiosum, crabs, human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis, and chlamydia. MEN: Put a condom on early -- as soon as you anticipate contact between the anus and penis. Remember that fingers and toys used during foreplay can also carry STDs between partners. A condom doesn't cover the base of your partner's shaft, his scrotum or pubic hair -- these are all places where STDs can lurk or land. HIV Risk Anal sex is the highest risk sex act two men can perform. This is also true for a woman if she's the anal receptive partner with a man. Your risk increases dramatically in proportion to the number or partners you have and if your sex is unprotected (whether you are inserting or receiving). One medical study published in 1987 found that anal sex with one partner increased your chances of catching HIV by three times -- five or more partners increased it 18 times. http://www.gayhealth.com/templates/common/activity.html?record=2&searchwords=ANAL,SEX and anal sex isn't that great as a source of prevention of pregnancy because semen has been able to drip from the anus to the vagina and result in pregnancy.
  5. I don't hate gay people..I have gay oriented friends that I LOVE. I've also experimented both ways. All I'm saying is that maybe there is a way that our bodies are meant to function and maybe it would be better for us to use them in that manner.
  6. I think I actually did give a fair amount of substantial reasons, anatomically speaking. There are other ways to express love between people other than anal sex. I'm not here to throw stones. Another argument that some propose is that if you feel the need to engage in things that have a high risk of harm for your body that you may actually already be hurting psychologically and emotionally. That would get us into the whole nature versus nurture debate.
  7. Wearing hats and shoes are actually beneficial. When it gets really cold, wearing hats and shoes can keep you warm and keep your toes from getting frost bite. They do serve some purpose. Hats can also block away the glare of the sun. I would say that the 'order' would extend to non-procreational sex as well, in that it's safer and healthier for our bodies.
  8. In reply to Sayonara, I can't say it's an agenda. As said before i was having a conversation with some people in the chatroom regarding the differences between the vagina and the anus. We were discussing which one was more prone to STDs and what not. All I was trying to point at was that m/b there is some order in our universe that should be respected. I basically just wanted to see if others would agree that there is some anatomical order that is better left respected.
  9. (The title will make sense later, I told one of the members that I'd name it this..) Lets talk about the birds and the bees. I was speaking to some people in the chat room about the difference between vaginal and anal sex. I believe that through a closer look at human anatomy one can conclude that our bodies seem to be geared and structured for the union of male and female genitalia via the vagina rather than the anus. Although many would say that there is no inherent meaning in the universe I believe that male and female bodies may actually be meant to be together as opposed to same sex couplings. I have gay friends and have experimented on both sides of the tracks. So I don't want anyone thinking this is a bash fest, because it is not. I understand that the nature nurture argument is controversial and by no means am I trying to diminish anyones experience. I only wonder if our anatomy points to the way things "should" be...Sorry, I know that that is a nasty word for some because it implies inherent meaning and an order which is not always visible in the world in which we live. Yet I can't help but feel that way as I look at our anatomy. As I speak of this I am not necessarilly speaking of a God designed world. I am merely making an observation based on what can be seen in our anatomy. Here are some reasons I believe that there is a compatibility between the vagina and the penis that cannot be found between the penis and the anus. 1. The vagina is multilayered as opposed to the thin skinned walls of the rectum, which make the vagina suitable for penetration and less susceptible to the tearing, which allows a much easier entry of STDs. a. http://health.discovery.com/centers/sex/sexpedia/analsex.html **last paragraph of article** b. Type in rectal microbicides research current status and challenges into google..When you see the link open it up..(It's a powerpoint look at slide 7) c. http://www.sexualhealth.com/question/read/sexuality-education/anal-sex/130/ 2. The vagina provides a lubrication upon arousal which aids in penetration, the anus does not provide this. (I am very aware that the lubrication is not always present for different reasons ranging from stress to certain medications, however, it is a part of the vaginal stages of arousal. The minimal, almost non existent lubrication in the anus does not form upon arousal. As a matter of fact the rectal walls have an absorbing nature which is much stronger than that of the vagina. The vagina is more prone to draining.) a. http://irma-rectalmicrobicides.blogspot.com/2008/09/you-wanna-put-it-where.html **They use the word designed..I know it's a faux pas when speaking from evolutionary scientific terms..Bypass the word and pay attention to the reality of the anatomical structures being described.** 3. The vagina has a way of opening itself upon arousal in order to receive, the same cannot really be said of the anus. a. http://www.zgxl.net/eng/atsk/bettersex/femaleorgasm.htm **Parts of this process are detailed in the following link under the heading; arousal may be accompanied by...** These examples are somewhat simplistic...I know that sexuality is very complex, but I believe that these examples do have some merit. I understand that sex is more than procreation and am not even arguing from a procreation standpoint. I'm just saying that we can force fit a puzzle piece but that doesn't mean it's a good place for it. Many things can be pleasurable, but, that doesn't exactly mean that it is the best for our bodies...Even with the use of condoms the fact that the anus' rectal lining is so thin, can lead to damage when penetrating. Also their is a much higher rate of breakage and slippage of condoms during anal sex than during vaginal..The usage of a condom doesn't suddenly cause these anatomical truths to go away. Maybe our anatomy does indeed point to an order that is healthy and structured for us to follow. Alright lets get to talkin' people.......What do you think??
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