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  1. I see in my mind's visions that many of you work in a tall building in some european country, many of you are old scientists(67 year olds +) supported by young(34 to 46 year old) spectacled undercover science men! You people work away from NASA? But this is the first oldest science forums of america servers! What if this internet too is a space link device? So could i be talking over with a cosmonaut in space at this moment?
  2. What if the earth's solar system is not what is understood like nine planets revolving around the sun with their individual moons! What if the solar system, the sun, planets, moons are itself a trajectory in space time continuum!!! And they all move in varied time phases but correspond to one another!!! Like suppose the 'big bang' theory as told by H.G.Wells 'the time machine' author what if the red planet is a time phased disintegrating dead star 'Mars' considered to be earth!!! What if then the solar system are itself the phases of earth's orbiter in varied time zones! Now then how can one explain 3700 satellites orbiting over earth? What if the satellites are not moving at time t in space but still moving in orbit over earth's rotation!
  3. litmus


    I saw today back to back episodes of X-files. Some of these episodes i remembered i had seen when i was 14 year old in 1995! In one episode there is a mention of Bio-technology science, invitro fertilization, genetic replication chromosome mapping! So the professor doctor herself named as a fictional character named mrs kendrick, is of genetic cloning with eight like her even character and memory! Created! So she does some genetic experiments where she clones chromosomes! The story seems fictional with agent scully and mulder running around, but the gist might be that kendrick meaning the accountable knowledge force in universe! So the byzantine empire of 1880s in india studied genetic bio-technology and put into practice. Then the indian schools came to be known as kendriya vidyalayas imparting byzantine based bio-technology sciences! So according to this theory are there multiple identities working forth in a society acting in co-ordination. Like one person has eight other different clones living away from one another. Suppose mrs.kendrick is a soul who might have achieved supernatural abilities to move forth herself in different time based within other identities giving her identity? So i might think of meeting the same person in different locations at different times are same singular identities!! Then i studied the X-files video clarity, it seems like of 1980s but the character acting play background is like JFK times!!! 1960s!!! But the video is somewhat edited to make it look like modern! What if these are real FBI science findings cases documentary of 1960s! Then how come agent scully and mulder are still young from 1960s! Motion pictures history... 1) Charlie chaplin - lets say 1670s. 2) Taj mahal mughals- 1780s. 3) Adolf Hitler nazis- 1840s. 4) End of Byzantine- 1880s. 5) JFK times- 1960s why they blurred the video as vintage then? 6) Princess Diana marriage- 1980s they didn't had a good camera? What if i go to USA now in 2013, and still find agent scully mulder i mean the whole america the same identities as they were in 1960s just that they multiplied and adapted to new world!!! And what about the X-files?
  4. litmus


    You mean in an event of world war 3 or an economic crisis such a thing would happen? Also i would like add to this topic of byzantine world that during 1880s pictures of Bombay city why aren't there muslims arabs vohras not seen anywhere? So after gaining independence india in 1947 after the fall of byzantine empire then afterwards muslims came and settled in india!!! Then where were they in 1880s in their time portals?
  5. litmus


    Its for then you to discuss and think, i am here just to put forth my thoughts knowledge queries!
  6. litmus


    I just saw this wonderful video of hungary country budapest city and it reminds me of byzantine empire of bombay india!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austro%E2%80%93Hungarian_Empire http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungary_during_World_War_II
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amadeus_(film)
  8. I was reading a novel about byzantine era of 800 a.d. of wolfgang amadeus mozart. In it the cast of the novel is not fiction but real people who once were the court of byzantine empire. The ministers constituted mainly italians noble men and spanish dignitaries! The head of byzantine empire was surprisingly not a britisher monarch, but king joseph of austria who in other words was called the 'chancellor of germany.' The ruler of england monarch was king george V generations but never proclaimed itself emperor of their imperialist countries nor the ruler of byzantine empire! They both were superheaded by archbishop of the church! The kingsmead byzantine empire army constituted of british german soldiers who were dressed as red color uniforms which were similar to the east india company army which ruled in india!!! So its confusingly funny that india was ruled by emperor joseph of germany of byzantine with italian ministeries, but presided by british ranks mayors! If this theory is true then what if the red dress british east india officers when posted in german provinces dressed then in nazi german army uniforms. Then when the byzantine empire ended in 1880 a.d. the byzantine countries needed to have a last man stand for their decline of power. So then in the world wars when germans and italians finally lost their battle and glory in 1944 a.d. then india became independent in 1947!!! So did the americans initiated the fall of byzantine empire even in india? Like it reminds me of the famous movie 'saving private ryan' where the germans italians army is infact the modern army of east india company! Their peculiarities the stethalgarthe grenade, the small tiger tank and mobile artillery like guns manevred by soldiers with bullock cart wheels!!! And there was very little skirmish between britishers and german italians in 1940s back then?!!
  9. Its easier than solving complex mathematics!
  10. Many of you nocturnalists had read it by now at eye blink speeds! I had tried to write a time machine journal!
  11. Are you a swedish philanthropist by profession?
  12. But i sensed clearly that it was that chemistry professory profile of robert burns woodward which i read he is dead, then are you hypervalentiodine is his daughter? My brain after joining facebook swirled into the dream world of 1990s! I felt psyched out! Or is internet like the time machine recall dead men?
  13. In the profile avatar picture of yours mr john cuthber are you the same person who i described meeting me in bombay!? You in half-pants with white hairs! Or is that your father's picture and you are infact his son? I checked your profile you are chemistry professory! I thought you were good at mathematics! If i am true cause before writing my topics i swear i never even looked at your avatar profile. So i think it was just telapathy skills that i remembered you! So are you still that pale foreigner stubborn person professory that i know? What you scribble for reasoning? H2O + Mg2SO4 -(catalyst)-> Mg (OH)2 + SH Anyone can make out that your picture is of 1975s! Now you must be very old if i am correct! Whats your id, hyper meaning out of state!, valence meaning agitated electron nomenclature! and iodine that is Br! How could an old man dance meeeh meeeh! So you might had recognized me very clearly as you too have that big telepathy foreseeing brain of yours!
  14. Did stephen king 1985 wanted to write express about worldwideweb in his own way?
  15. I had written a topic about H.G.Wells 'The Time Machine' http://www.thescienceforum.com/general-discussion/30003-time-machine.html What if this time machine linked with some german unknown science theories!??
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