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  1. If we had to care about closed and shielded microwave ovens we should begin by caring about all the WiFi APs we are using to post in this forum If microwaves were red maybe people would be really frightened of what they would see in the streets.
  2. Elmo


    Hi all, Long time ago I studied about telomerase and its ability to regenerate telomeres after cellular division. As far as I remember, this happened with cancer cells. I'd like to know if it would be possible to study the inhibition of telomerase as a way of combating cancer. Any information I could check about this? Thank you all
  3. Elmo


    Thanks for the link swansont, I promise I'll keep on studying this
  4. Would it be possible to store episodic memory in the hippocampus as a way to help decisions made in the neocortex? What I mean is that the information flow upwards the different layers in the neocortex should be helped by our "knowing of similar situations". I don't really know if these already known situations are stored in the hippocampus, but it makes sense to me a kind of feedback between columns in the neocortex and the hippocampus. Is it possible to retrieve information from the hippocampus to reinforce the decisions (connections) made in the neocortex?
  5. Elmo


    Sorry if I dind't explain myself very well, I didn't mean sending information faster than the speed of light. I mean, entangled particles allow to send information without the necessity of moving those particles, and that would be of great advantage in some fields. But, that advantage wouldn't be lost by the fact of having to measure the state of the particles and apply correlation methods to the measurements in order to ensure what information are we retrieving? Maybe my only problem is a lack of useful concepts. I still have to work in some bibliography ;-) Thanks for the reply!
  6. Elmo


    Hi all, I must admit I'm a newbie in quantum physics. But I would like to know a little bit more about the EPR paradox. I mean, I've found quite surprising the possibility of transmitting information without transferring mass and energy, just considering quantum entanglement. Thanks you all,
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