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  1. Modelling of electrical phenomenom acting within a plasma more than adequately explains the behaviour of the chromosphere without the need to invoke "dark energy". Electrical engineers can recreate scaled models on Earth of what is observed on the Sun without the need for wildly speculative theoretical gap fillers.
  2. Sub-atomic particles spin, electrons "spin" around the nucleus; the Earth spins, and spins around the Sun, the Sun spins, and spins around the galaxy; the galaxy spins, and spins around the local cluster. Perhaps this then spins in the super cluster. If the universe is also spinning, it would have a centre, and it wouldn't need to "inflate". The red shifting of the light would in part be explained by the apparent movement away of objects on differing tangents of that spin. That might also explain why closer galaxies like Andromeda appear blue shifted. They're the kid behind you on the hurdy gurdy, seemingly rushing toward you as they are close to your tangential path. That way we can loose the unknown, unmeasurable dark energy and replace it with what is known within the observeable universe, spin.
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