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  1. Ringer, I'm very interested, just not the greatest at math. I talked to both my physics, and math teacher about it, and they encouraged me to do it as well. Pretty sure I'm going to do it.
  2. Hi my name is Matthew, and I am a junior who will soon be faced with the choice of which classes to take during my senior year of high school. I love math and science and have taken up to trigonometry in math (achieved A-B range throughout my math career), and am currently taking Physics (never had below a 95% in any science class). My school offers a specialized set of classes for those who exceed/like math and science at a building known as the MPI (math and physics institute). Classes are held here during the first two hours of the school day. There are three sets of classes that you can take here, and you cannot mix and match classes (i.e. taking Calc I and II with normal physics). The class options are: 1.)Pre Calculus[1st hour] and algebra based physics(easy)[2nd hour] 2.)Calculus I[1st hour]and alebra based physics(hard)[2nd hour] 3.)Calculus I(first semester),Calculus II(second semester)[1st hour] and Calculus based physics[2nd hour]. although I love math and science, and have done well in my classes, math does not always come easily to me, and it usually takes extra work for me to understand mathematical concepts. But at the same time I am a very hard worker, and love to challenge myself. I'm just not sure if it would be worth it to take the third option because I'm not sure how well I would do. Any advice would be very much appreciated. P.S. After going to MPI I would have a free hour. During this time I could receive help from one of the math teachers at my school. Also I plan to study Calculus over the summer and get a good feel for it before I take either of these courses. I apologize if any of this was unclear, or I posted this in the wrong forum.
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