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  1. UFO are an invention of the US Military as a cover for testing experimental aircraft. Aliens capable of space travel are too intelligent to come here.
  2. It is something someone made up and lots of idiots repeats like mindless parrots. Anyone trying to explain DARK MATTER is an idiot. By the way, there is such a thing as an educated idiot.
  3. You must be an idiot to ask such a dumb question. There are even more stupid people trying to answer.
  4. You cannot divide any number by two to equal zero. Thus there is infinity in every number,
  5. It is quite simple. I figured it out and named it "The Sam Walker Paradox". Since no number can be divided by 2 to equal zero, we can conclude that matter will not cease to exist by subdivision. Ergo, For every small there is a smaller. All matter is also a part of something larger. The cosmos is stratafied in a never ending order of magnitude. Our reality is one of many strata. And, by the way, ZENO'S PARADOX is nonsense, the man is an idiot. One fundamental flaw is that there is no corresponding decrease in the size of the observer.
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