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  1. Thank you both, you are really kind. I did as you said and googled some key words from the warning. Here is what i managed to find as informative and helpful http://www.americanpendulum.com/en/2013/02/26/you-have-48-hours-to-pay-the-fine-virus/ Also after i read there are all kinds of simillar infections (including all ukash viruses) with just a different name i visited this page, as suggested, for help http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/482031/fbi-virus-unlocking-your-pc-without-any-safe-mode/?hl=%2Bukash+%2Bvirus#entry3005935 It seems i'll have to start my computer in safe mode with networking and then download and install an antivirus tool to scan my pc. I will give it a try. Thank you again for helping
  2. hello all My desctop PC has been locked by a virus that says i have 48 hours to pay the fine. It also says that if I try to unlock it myself my computer will be formated. Is that true? I really don't want to loose any of my documents and files. What should I do? How do I remove it without paying or formating my computer? All help is appreciated. Thank you.
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