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  1. We were asked to create a fairly simply and exciting experiment to demonstrate to a group of grade 9's in the high school. It's part of our mark Creating hydrogen and blowing it up is exciting enough, and scientific!
  2. Please be aware of what you love though. I know of a few guys who loved scuba diving and loved the marine life but their interest in the actual biology in the field was lacking. These guys now work in business jobs. I know I love scuba diving...but I'd be afraid to take it up as a career since I know how it can destroy the hobby.
  3. I completed the experiment today using 1.5M solution. Went well! Appreciate the help
  4. Yup, yup. We know that Hydrochloric Acid + Zinc makes Hydrogen gas. But, I don't know. What concentration of acid should I use? High school lab project. I need to produce a fair amount of hydrogen...not too much. Enough to fill an emu egg. I have 12M HCl at my disposal..but I don't want to use something so concentrated. I'm just trying to think what a good, safe concentration would be. I can easily dilute it down to whatever I need...but... I am not worried about the method, steps or equations of arriving at this conclusion, but a general understanding of what you are thinking is great I obviously would like to learn about your conclusions...but pushing my through equations isn't truly necessary.
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