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  1. Beat Phenomena studies what happens when there are 2 waves, equal in amplitude, with 2 frequencies that are very close in value to each other mix in the same medium, as a result those waves will cancel each other at specific moments and add up at other moments. So for example if there are 2 sound waves with frequencies 700Hz and 701 Hz that are running at the same time, then the sound will “Disappear” once every one second!, due to beat phenomena, although both sound sources are running. while if the frequencies where 700Hz and 702Hz, then there will be a silence twice every one second. I was really amazed when I first saw it because it doesn't seem that it is going to happen as both sounds are running at the same time, to experiment this, following are 2 ways to do it: using Hardware: you can bring 2 tuning forks that produce each a sound (tone) of the same frequency, that is lets say each produce a tone of 700 Hz, then add to one of them a very light weight object, after the weight is added, if the tuning fork is hit, it will produce a sound of frequency slightly less than what it it was producing, lets say 698 Hz, now if the 2 tuning forks are struck together then the beats of silence will be heard. using software: if you don't want to buy a tuning fork, you can write your own code or also you can look for a software that has a simulator for beat phenomena, your code or the software should have 2 sound generators that can be running at the same time, if the frequencies are very close to each other when both are running at the same time, then the beat phenomena effect will take place.
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