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  1. There are all great. The tarp and winch idea is in the top 3 at the moment and the winch bucket idea is good also. I think if I was able to use a web system maybe the bucket would stay down. I am going to look into that sweeper. I had never heard of it. I live in NH so I know about snow also. The problem is you have to angle it to the side, which I cant do. I have to send it all down the end of the driveway to the road. Yeah those sweepers are good for like 2" of snow. I live in NH. I got 6 inches as a dusting the other night and tonight we are getting 2 feet. So I'm back to the drawing
  2. I was just at Lowes to get some tools and saw the propane torch that looked like a flame thrower and thought about it....
  3. I have just bought a house in NH and I have a problem. There is house on either side of my drive way which is about 75 feet long. I don't really have 500 dollars to spend on a snow blower that still only blows snow maybe 15 to 30 ft. A snow plow cannot get enough clearance to push the snow out because my garage is at one end of the driveway and even the driveway is quite narrow. I know that a shovel is my only option but I figured I would put it up on here for some young genius to invent and idea. I know they make backup plows which are too expensive for me to buy also. Let me know
  4. So my professor sucks. I feel bad about saying it but I´m like almost to the end of my course and I still understand nothing of Stoichiometry. I have a lab of just Stoich questions and I am really struggling. She gave the answers but I do not want the answers, I want to know how to do them. Anyway at the moment here is the question I am stuck on (before going on to the next ones) I´ve already balanced the equation. Al(OH)3 + 3HCL --- AlCl3 + 3H2O c. What mass of water (H2O) is produced by the reaction of 10 grams of AL(OH)3? All my attempts at anything have been wrong.
  5. They are using it as 4.180J/gC (Celsius for chemistry) 100g * 4.180J/gC * 8.8c (our rate of change) ------------------------------- 127.50g (mass) * 64.5c (final temp) I think I figured it out. I knew the first one was iron so I just played around with the problem. I did it two ways but it seemed that dividing like terms first: 100g/127.50g and then 8.8c/64.5c = (.78g) and (.14c) Then multiplying that to get: .0192g/c The multiplying that by the 4.180Jgc gives us .45 which is t
  6. For the life of me I cannot remember how to do this type of problem. c = (100g) (4.180j/gc) (8.8c) / (127.50g) (64.5)c I changed the numbers around so that they do not match with any assignment I have. Could someone guide me here with an example? (You can change the numbers if you do not believe me)
  7. I went to the Lenovo forums which has type specific threads also but I think I will also post a reply in there. Thanks.
  8. I have been trying but really I have no clue what I am even searching for. I looked at every google search option I could think of and did not get much back. I figured there would be someone around here who may have heard of this problem and have a fix for me. Thank you for the reply.
  9. So last night my brother in law took my ThinkPad Lenovo t410 and did a backup of the data (It was his fathers and had some private info) When I got it back this morning and opened it..This is what I see. NOTE: I have reinstalled the drivers for the graphics card from the IBM website. I asked the system admin here at the university and he had no clue. I figured this would be the place to ask and I hope I am right. I was planning to do a complete restore next but wanted a third opinion first. Also I am not sure if the screen caps are going to come out right. All black on my laptop looks like
  10. Im having some trouble finding exact practical relations to other things such as practical uses in chaos theory or astro physics in general. Can anyone tell me how linear algebra is used in chaos theory or other astro sciences?
  11. Ok Sorry, Did not see that in the Forum rules.
  12. Hello there DTonesXD. I am not an expert but I will research and give what I believe to be the best for this discussion. 1. Ice Comets. The problem is that Fire needs oxygen. In Space there is no Oxygen. Now when a comet gets close enough to a source of heat such as the sun we see the tail of it from earth. If it breaches earths atmosphere, it is introduced to oxygen and usually catches fire and blows up into a billion pieces. Fire need Oxygen. This is a common problem with space craft. When shuttles head out of earth they need to bring their own source of oxygen to fire the engines. So they
  13. I have posted this in Biology and Earth Sciences. Hi everyone I am taking a course on career exploration and one of the things I have to do is interview some people who are in careers of which I am studying for (Natural Sciences at the moment). If anyone has a moment to answer some Q's I will post them here and you can reply or PM me the answers. Thanks if you have time! What is your job? What do you like most about you job and why? How did you decide to get into this field and what steps did you take to enter the field? What alternative ways can one enter this field? What tra
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