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  1. In a way i would, i would want the baby to be healthy, or at least without any diseases it is inheriting from me or my parter. However, i would not want to change things like looks, etc. As long as they are healthy, or at least not NOT healthy because of me, I would be perfectly happy. Although, I would be perfectly happy without "designing" the baby in anyway, but if the option was available, i'd probably take the make-it-healthy route.
  2. Iceman

    When does life begin?

    Personally, i'd say life exists as soon as someone is aware in anyway, although i have no idea about baby's minds, i would assume they are at least aware that they exist (they know when they are hungry/etc? [ofcourse that could be an automatic reaction by the brain i guess]). That's my view on it at least, if you know you're alive, that's when you're alive. Until then, you just exist.
  3. err... isn't it spelt Sulphuric Acid?
  4. Thanks Radagast, i just wrote all that into my book how i've understood it now that you've explained it..let's just hope my interpretation of what you just said is right
  5. So, i'm sitting in my Physics class, the bell goes, and everyone packs up, my teacher screams as we're all leaving "HOMEWORK: FIND OUT WHAT GIBB'S FREE ENERGY THEORY IS!", and after a google search, i find nothing. So i thought i'd ask here!
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