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  1. i am fasinated. Most every kid says being gay is stupid sick and wrong but truely being gay is more fundimental then being straight. So this poses the qustion if god created the world why did he make them homo sexual if he does not want homosexuality. so then we wonder was god just really a legend. or just plain fiction. this could break so many religions that this could shake the worlds perspective. unless those who are so religious that they are complitley iggnorant to the idea of science. again this could change religion enitrley. I think i will talk to my parents about this after my sister heads upstairs.
  2. David M.


    my best guess would be this site. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telomerase follow links on that and see if you can find anything. sorry i wasnt such a help.
  3. David M.

    boy or girl

    What were the two kinds of probibility. Wasnt one logical and the othere realistic.
  4. Hey i am in eigth grade but when i copied and pasted you work on to microsfot word this is what i got for the grade. Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 7.9 So i like the paper but microsft dosent agree. also i can understand this really easily so i need to know what grade this is written for simple answer. Freshman Softmore Junior Senior ONe of those let me know and i can tell exactly what you need.
  5. Okay i have a outline porepared for my eassy the topic is "how i would handle this now". I got into a fight because two kids were picking on me and pushing me. So i went to court and have to write a 10 pg essay. But enough chattering here is the outline. • 1st Page: Introductory • 2nd-5th page: how to avoid the situation • 6th-7th page: how I would handle the situation if it came up • 8th-9th page: how to behave my self at all times • 10th page: conclusion So i need to find a way to do the introductory page thats all i can do everything else. Once you guys help get me started i can do the rest. Please help!!!!
  6. Okay let me get this staright. A triple helix Dna strand can only exist if it can be transcribed and the hydrogen bonding is limited. Then after that is done the whole body of the organisim would have to be redone to correctly work with the Triple helix strand. Then even after that you would have to use something else besides Dna but can still be transcribed. Then once all those have been done we would need differnt protiens to work with the new substance. And after that what other substance could woud use besides Dna. And then this all seems very confusing and do we even have the technology to remove replace and recreate substances into a living organism without it being in some sort of stasis? And going back realy quicly to Czech. Not a complex lie, you mispelled sinse ( it think thats right). Then if you were some sort of Top-Secret expirment like you say you would be traced edited and blocked from anything that could be spread, and if you were you would be in some sort of controlled area. Face it you made a lie just like my sister you did everything wrong:doh:. Start was wrong, Mispelled something giving you away, Typed or said something that contradicts exactly what you just said. I could make a better lie. Ask me to make one and i will. P.S. if i mispelled anything please tell me what it is. Also i have a post in homework section so could you help with that to.
  7. So if we could geneticly change our double helix DNA strand to match that of a thrid strand and we bonded them could we even do that in the first place and then second could we keep doing that and i still dont get how our DNA gets transcribed.
  8. I really dont know much or for that matter anything about the Triple Helix but i have question's. 1. Can humans Naturally have a triple helix strand. 2. (only if there is a positive answer for 1) IF the triple helix stand can exist naturally in a human could it have any effect such as faster learning capabilities or advanced reflexes 3. Could the human body even have a artifical triple helix strand. 4 are all of these past questions impossible to determine at the moment. By the way I am new and this is my first post and am only in the 8th grade:D
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