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  1. I wonder why we think we would see ourselves if we travel back in time. If I think about it there is no real concept of time. We talk about travelling back 3 seconds but what is that really? We defined time to keep track of events on earth and it is very nearly constant (or we just do not notice any changes in our definition of time). Time for everyone reading this differs slightly (in the sense that your seconds and my seconds are essentially not the same) and we know this to be undeniable true. but I digress... If I can change my position in 3D space why can I not travel in time as well
  2. Ah I wasnt using a function generator... dont worry about the post guys
  3. Hey people. I have been fiddling around with PSPICE cadance student version for the past 3 hours trying to get it to simulate a transient response. I will attach a graph of what we got using an oscillioscope in the labs. With PSPICE I just cannot replicate the graph no matter what I do. Its my first time really using the program so I am relatively new to it. If anyone could help I would appreciate it a lot. This is the circuit we need to analyse and the graph we are supposed to get: If anyone could help me understand how to replicate this in PSPICE I will be very greatful.
  4. Hi. I am struggling to understand what I am doing wrong with this equation. They ask for the general solution and then the particular solution afterwards. Given x(dy/dx) + 5y = 7x^2 , y(2)=5 => dy/dx + (5/x)y = 7x integrating factor: e^integral(5/x) = e^(5lnx) = x^5 multiply by this gives: x^5(dy/dx)+(5/x)y(x^5)= 7x^6 => Dx[(x^5)(y)]= 7x^6 integrate both sides => (x^5)(y)= x^7 + C => y(x)= x^2 + C/(x^5) (divided by x^5) ok thats the general solution Now I get the particular solution by subin in (2,5) so 5 = 4 + C/32 so C
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