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  1. That's pretty convenient. In order to claim that fictitious animals once lived, all anyone has to say is that they became extinct. By that reasoning, one can say that aliens once lived on the planet and have now become extinct. You guys are so funny. But you're really good at making up fairy tales. So again, all you prove is that one of the biggest creiateria for "scientific" theories is that NO ONE IN THE PAST OR PRESENT HAS WITNESSED THEIR ASSERTIONS. That fits the definition of a fairy tale perfectly.
  2. Glaciers can only move when they are on top of water. Otherwise they're frozen solid. So only when ice melts into water, can objects embedded in ice move. So it's water that transports objects from one area to another, not ice. Does anyone here even think? So again, instead of going with ancient accounts, scientists make up even more convoluted and impossible stories like claiming that ice moved the rocks. So if this is a science forum, all you people have shown is that scientists not only know nothing about basic biology but they have no clue about geography either. Unbelievable.
  3. Sorry but "You've been debunked" isn't a valid refutation. But since reality demonstrates that apes or monkeys don't turn into humans, I'll stick with reality. ;)You can live in the twilight zone where aliens and half-apes & half - humans live.
  4. What scientists miss is the fact that climate has always been cyclic and will continue to be cyclic. In the 70's when we had several cold years, scientists claimed we were going into another ice age. So all scientists prove is that they really know nothing but instead make money on guessing games that they always change.
  5. Sorry but that doesn't refute my post because anyone who knows basic biology knows what I said is correct. So all you've proven is that you can't admit you're wrong and have no desire to tell the truth...either that or you really don't understand basic biology.
  6. Sorry but that doesn't refute my posts or defend yours which even you know. So since you can't defend evolution without contradicting reality and basic biology, then personal attacks are all you have. So I expect nothing more from you.
  7. Sorry but ice doesn't carry objects from one area to another one. Water does. So why do scientists dismiss the flood when water is a better explanation and over 200 ancient people have passed along accounts of a flood and NO ONE has passed along an account of a global ice age? The answer is easy; because it's in the bible. Sorry but unless you even know what happened in history, then you cannot claim that the bible contradicts history. And that's of course why you didn't list a specific part of history that you claim the bible contradicts. That's like looking at trees in a forest and claiming that the earth was once covered in trees. :rolleyes:There are many reasons for valleys which could have been caused by any number of things including the fact that they could have been created that way! So imagining what could have happened based on an observation is called speculation, not science. But speculating impossible things that no one has ever witnessed belongs in the realm of science fiction not science. Sorry.
  8. So what you're saying is that evolution does not maintain that humans are the descendants of apes or lower primates. Is that correct? If so, I agree with you 100%. ;)Humans have always come only from humans. So since you claim I'm wrong about what evolution maintains, then you've just denied your whole theory. Sorry.
  9. That's right, you haven't waited millions of years to see. So your claims are merely speculation, not observable phenomena. So they're no different than claiming that in a million years, humans will evolve into aliens. That's called science fiction, not science. I'm glad you brought this up because it actually disproves evolution. Bacteria become resistant to antibiotics because it's the job of a cell to survive. So they become more virulent bacteria. They do not become healthier cells. A cell can only do what the nucleus programs it to do. So a bacterial cell can only remain a bacterial cell and re-enforce the characteristics it already contains. So bacterial cells do not mutate into healthy cells any more than a "lower primate" mutates into a superior primate. So your example proves my point and disproves evolution.
  10. Sorry, but you're not giving me information; you're giving me made up scenarios from the imaginations of men. ;)An that's why of course, no one knows who the common ancestor is and why of course, apes don't turn into people in reality. And neither do cows breed pigs, monkeys, mules or humans any more than apes or monkeys breed humans in reality. So writing a story of how an ape could have turned into a man is no different than writing a story of how an alien could have turned into a man. I'm sure one could say that an alien who's as fictitious as the common ancestor just...well...mutated into a human being as well. You guys are so funny. What could happen is called science fiction. What does happen is called science. So you first need to get educated on the difference between the two.
  11. Since Satan is the ruler of the air and his job is to keep people from God, then most of the world will buy into Satan's delusions. Another delusion is that of an ice age. Why did this ridiculous theory come into place to begin with? The answer is easy; to try to prove the bible wrong. But the problem is, that in order to prove the bible wrong, one must again, make up his own history, a history which is not only bizarre and impossible, but which NO ONE in the past can verify. Louis Agassiz first came up with this ridiculous theory when he noticed some rocks in the northern plains not indigenous to that area. So how did they get there? The most obvious and rational explanation is a global flood which, incidentally, is verified by the accounts of over 200 ancient cultures. But that would verify the bible so he can't say that. Instead, he put his own slant on it and claimed that FROZEN water once covered the earth. What Agassiz neglected was the fact that in order for the earth to be covered by frozen water, there first had to be water that covered the earth because ice is of course, frozen water...unless, the ice, just came down from the the heavens in the form of snow and/or freezing rain which melted because the temps raised for a few months to melt the snow and then dipped back below freezing a few months later to freeze the melted snow into ice. Of course there are zero ancient accounts of this convoluted scenario, but who cares? Since in the scientific world, the imagination is considered evidence, let's keep imagining some more. So an ice age would mean that even south of the equator, the temps all stayed below freezing for millions of years, then one day, they popped back up to above normal and melted all the ice. But the temps north of the equator still remained below freezing for...let's say, millions of years...no, hundreds of thousands of years...no, actually, as long as we're imagining, let's go back to millions of years. yeah, that sounds better. Maybe we should take a vote and the majority wins. So the vote is, let's say, 50 to 49 that the water melted south or the border first. We'll pick a nice round number and claim that 2 million years later, the temps began to rise north of the equator because of "global warming". But suddenly, the temps stopped so that man could exist on the earth. Boy, that was convenient! we lucked out there. So why did the whole earth which was supposedly hot after the "Big Bang" suddenly plunge into sub-freezing temperatures and then just...well...rise again so that man could exist on earth? The answer is easy; because in the imagination, anything's possible.
  12. First of all, all animals and humans eventually die, the fit as well as the unfit. Secondly, every species breeds defective offspring and in every species the fit offspring can be killed by predators or disease just as well as the unfit. So again, natural selection is a myth. Unfortunately, I've studied evolution for probably longer that you've been alive. The difference is that you've blindly bought into it and I've seen both sides of it. So since you aren't capable of looking at evolution objectively, then you're not capable of seeing its flaws even though they're as plain as day.
  13. And how does a human gene "accidentally' get into ape genes? :eek:By your claims, then elephant genes can accidentally get into human genes. Everything you say is all coming from your imagination. Observing genetic duplication then claiming that that's how man was formed is no different than seeing trees in a forest then claiming that the earth was once a giant forest. Sorry, but an ape can't gradually change into a human any more than a human can gradually change into an elephant. Again, do you know how descendants are produced? Or not? Do you know what mating and breeding results in? Do you know why no human has ever produced a goat as a descendant? or not?
  14. Do you not understand what speciation by natural selection and reproductive isolation is? Natural selection is a myth. The fit and the unfit always co-exist in every species. Mating and breeding is what passes along genes to offspring, not environment or adaptation. So evolution has made up imaginary scenarios and false statements to try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Traits can be inherited through genes. And how do genes pass from parent to offspring? Through mating and breeding. So sorry, but humans can't "inherit" tiger genes unless we can breed with tigers. So the rest of your statements are moot.
  15. A mutation acts on what is already present in the cell. Animal DNA doesn't "mutate" into human DNA any more than goat DNA mutates into elephant DNA.Mating and breeding between animals capable of breeding together is what produces descendants. That's basic biology. But evolution gets into science fiction; "Let's say that long ago there was once a giant half-man half-beast that turned into a human? In the imagination, anything's possible which all sci-fi books and movies demonstrate. So again, you need to know the difference between science and science fiction. So "my" version is what happens in reality; apes breed apes, humans breed humans. your version is conjuring up a fictitious animal and claiming that it turned into a person. My version is thus based on reality. Your version is based on your imagination which makes it imaginary.
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