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  1. For me is like when you see a person and determine if it's a man or a woman. I suppose that it' not as easy for a person with a normal iq. Humans are able to create especies very quickly, why shouldn't they do it with themselves? As i said, these traits are more evident by people that is more intelligent. I know people that has and high iq, and is trying to mate normal women, and if you say them to mate intelligent women, they suffer a similar transition as if they were getting homosexual, with the difference that they do it quickly and they are not changing the sex of their preferences. But i agree that with years these traits will become more evident.
  2. Is this model used in extremely gifted, or is comparing people with iq 's like 110 or 125? I suppose that being empoverished can reduce the aparent iq of a extremelly gifted child, specially when mainstream schooling (underperforming can also affect result of iq tests), or maybe the child is insulted or beaten by his parents to try to make him normal... But then, when the child leaves school, his iq may tend to his potential level (if there is not a job that induces further underperforming). Other thing that happens often, is that poor children are tested with cheap tests, that are not accurate, if you want to test a child with iq for example 200, you need something like the stamford-binet 3 LM form, that costs like $600 every time. and, before taking this test, the child has to ceil a screening test. There is the so called "club of the 148 iq's" ,that are children that ceiled the wisc-III or similar, but no further test was taken, so you could have a child that when was 6 years old scored 180 in an infantil test, and with 8 years scored 148 in the wisc-III, so there is people that believes that the iq of the child tends to a normal iq, and the child should be mainstreamed. That's a negligence that happens in my country. And from my point of view, people with 100-110 are not different at all (or almost) from people with 125+. The point here is compare people that is 170-180-210... with people that is 80-100-120... (people that cheated in iq tests will lack the affinity, anywais, so is more likely to mate a normal person). You can not move from 100 to 180 if you are not born with a a neuronal system allowing it (excluding test cheats). There are cases of people moving from 54 to 190 because the first test was not made properly and failed to capture the child's ability. Ah, and phenomenons like hothousing, that are more likely to happen with richer families, are what make children seem more inteligent, because they know numbers and letters with three years old... these children can quite well move from 100 to 125+ and corrupt statistics, but they are not really gifted.
  3. This may be in your country, in my country i'm unemployable (without subsides) for that. This is a matter of human resources. Maybe you know somewere that is going to hire people for his big iq, if so, please enlighten me. I studied Business Administration and do internet marketing. I destroyed the admittance test of deloitte and pricewater house coopers (answer all the questions before time runs out, in other words, capped), i also destroyed one test for ibm that was made by internet, and they thought that was an error. And this is not the whole list. Other members making the test at the same time than me, where frightened for my performance. But i suppose that not all offices of a company have the same admitance test. Some people from E&Y also admited that they could not promote someone to partner in 4 years (normal is 20), so they fired me when began to discover how far goes my real performance (after less than 3 weeks). Then the problem gets biger, when this company admits that is not capable to make radical acceleration, then says to the university: we were interested in a diferent kind of boy (and nobody argued about this in the 30 years of history of the program), so the university moves me to a job designed for people with Down and/or asperger syndrome (because it was the worst job they had), in a non-profit organisation that is just desperate to fill this job vacant (pay drastically low), not concerned about the profile of the worker, and not suitable at all for me. I know that humans have it way easier to find a girlfriend. Note also that, for example, the idea of moving children with iq higher than 170 to a especial school for them, is done in part to remove this isolation, then with hugue populations, you get more suitable mates which are previously selected. In china there are more than 1000 graduates from their school for extremelly gifted students, but i suspect that most or all of them are men. There are abnormal distributions in very high iq's, in part because the population is so small that one member more in this population can double the total population for a given iq range. You could say that if there is more population with for example 180, these will be drifted to the iq 140 population to fit the model, but the difference will stay there with a different name,the iq based speciation is more about affinity than about numbers.
  4. Look it from another scope, if there was a neanderthal in the street, people will think somethink like : "look at this freak, he does not even deserve to have a job". that is the same that they would think of a person with a very high iq. Speciation is not running the same way for all humans, even if 99,5% of humans are dispersing genes, the other 0,05% is more than enogh to populate a viable country. if IQ is a prerequisite for mating? not exactly, it's more or less the same that happens when a person mentally retarded looks for a GF outside his special school, and finds none. There is people with 45 years or so, than married with a women that has 90 points of iq less, then they have children that are giften but less than his father, so they are hybrids. In the past it was very usual because there was no way to find a woman with a similar iq, they then think that are fallen in love in abscence of a better alternative. But in modern times it does not happen this way as before, because it's easier to meet an intelligent woman. I'm aware of the statistics, and how difficult is to find a person intelligent enough that has also a diferent sex and is single. But when speaking of the IQ scale used for humans, first the real distribution is very different than that, because if someone has 2 children, can duplitate the population of his country (not all countries have the same amount of people with a given iq). Then then, with a different scale of iq, there would also be differences of iq between the two especies, one will have 100 and the other 55 or so. Chimpanzes and neanderthals are both 2n=48, and nobody (or almost nobody) doubs that they are different species. Choromosal rearangements are more fit when both progenitors have the same. Furthermore, when you want to have a children you have to try more than once, quit smoking, take a lot of caffeine, allow a 3-5 days span between each trial... and this without thinking in the possibility that someone could use genetic engineering to have children with hugue iq's (people like the mother of justing chapman, of parents that are addict to greenhousing, to give an example), and given success stories like the vice-president of microsoft, bill gates, Paul allen... You can say: "get an offspring with iq=200 and have a 1000% ROI after 12 years". and more than one person will want to buy a son of another specie. Then if the parents do not know what to do with the child, say "no money back". I'm not saying that i will open a business with this model. When i title my post "social consecuences", i'm expressing my concert about what would happen if the society begins to take the fact that there is another live specie of hominids seriously. Take in mind, that many people think that anything that is from a different specie can be hunted and eaten, for example. Humans are already known for the extintion of many species. There have been murders that could be reinterpretated as inter-specie violence and competition for the resources. Eg. When a gifted individual is denied from getting a job and everithing from the society and decides to become a serial killer, I know that there is more than one case (unnabomber,columbine...), but i'm not very familiarised with serial murder cases. Then if there is a case of inter-specie murder, humans will be more likely to want to extinct the whole specie.
  5. In my garden, there are weeds that have roots that grow under the floor and reproduce other plants from these roots, but they eventually emerge to the surface. when you work the soil, many of them survive, and then you see lots of leaves that emerge from the floor. In other words, the part under the flor, does not have leaves, but can survive and spread as a plant, but when they find the surface, what emerges turns into leaves. These plants are dificult to eradicate.
  6. At the end of my post i told, that it isn't that a higher iq makes the specie, but being from a diferent specie also means that you have a different iq than the homo sapiens. If australopitechus could take an iq test, i'm sure that would have a very biased score, maybe 50 or so. I do not think that scores like 140 are biased enogh to reflect a diferent specie, i know many and they do not have the sense of being a different specie, but maybe from these people, evolved a new homo genre with 180 or 190 iq of average. These iq differences are usually reflected in the karyotype. When you have an high iq and you can only go with women with an high iq, then you make way for the reproductive isolation. What happened until nowadays is that if you didn't find women of the same specie in your neghborgood, you hat to die single or try to commit hybridation with a normal homo sapiens women. But since you can know women online and the world has a lot of population, you can find a women in another country and this makes much easier to find a woman with a big iq. This is why speciation in humans it's now running faster than ever. But a greath part of natural selection does. With this you do not need to spread your genes to all the mankind, you only have a specie with very few individuals that has to increase his population enough to prosper. There is also people that commited hybridation and claims to be very happy, but this tendency is decreasing.
  7. I've noted that many people that is extremelly gifted (like 180- 190 or 220), Often believes that is an elf an alien a devil... everything except an Homo Sapiens. When i was a child, in sometimes believed that i was a macaw or something, specially in front of a biologist to avoid getting a label that begins with the word "Homo". Anibody will doubt that a child with a lot of iq, is very different than others (unless for negligence reasons), the DSM is not valid for him, a normal personality test is not valid for him, a mainstream school should not be considered valid for him, an encephalogram will show a constant and hugue epilepsy attack if understod as a normal human brain, so it will also be not valid for him, the basal consumption of calories may not be the same as a normal human with same weight due to a more hungry brain ... there are a lot of differences. Then there is evidence of fight for the resources (I'm unemployable and not considered as such by the social services, so i know what i'm saying, human resources professionals should ratificate), And a isolation in reproduction: Only fell really aroused by women with more than 170, but i detect them easily enough. furthermore, women with more than 170 claim to think more or less the same about men. On the other side, normal homo sapiens women would only go with me if they are very desperate. Then, since it's possible to bring 170+ women from another country if necessary (or the opposite movement), there is in fact reproductive isolation. You do not need to reccur to masive murder as someone said. Then, once i saw in the tv, than thay they made a karyotipe of children with 150 or so, and found inversion in many chromosomes, i thing, that the most affected was the two (that was also responsible for mutating apes to humans). then there were 3 or four more, that luckily i think that are not viable to generate a live newborn with trisomy (like a 4 trisomy or so) . I assume that nobody told that they were facing a new specie of the homo genus (this would also be dangerously similar to the word homo-parental for example), because it may posibly be a taboo. But the truth is that when you mate a men for example with 200iq, with a woman with similar iq, the child will presumably have also a similar iq (cases like Justin Chapman aside). I do not know if there is a serious experiment about that or if the experiment is secret. Someone, found that neanderthals mixed with sapiens, and descendats are live nowadais, then, it's no longer required to be 100% genetically incompatible to be a different specie. I suppose that since there is reproductive isolation, there will be a point where both species will reach 100% incompatibility. Does someone know how much different you have to be in order to be considered a different genus than the homo genus? And note that i'm not saying that an iq test will generate a new specie, but that a different specie will in fact, have a different intelligence (i'm not confusing specie with race). When scientists find a new extinct hominid specie one of their first questions is if they were intelligent or not.
  8. Since it's fiction, you can find your answer using maths. There is 47 XYY people than has a list of deformities. Then there are 45 X0 women with turner syndrome (a missing X). Then, a XYY baby with a missing X, Would be a YY. So a YY baby, could have the deformities of a XYY plus the deformities of the Turner syndrome, but note that some are the opposite in each syndrom like the average height. As the turner syndrome women need artificially remove blood from his uterus (if they receive hormonal threatment) every 3 months, because they do not have menstruation. Imagine a man that needs to have the blood removed from somewhere every 3 months for example. then the man has a webed neck... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XYY_syndrome http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turner_syndrome
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