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  1. hahah. why do you guys keep answering my questions with questions?
  2. yeah i guessed i sort of worded that strangley. haha. I should have thrown in there " suppose there are places with no matter" instead of "in places with no matter". What exactly would the universe be defined as? All of the matter and the space it occupies? If space dosent end and does go on forever (lets say without overlapping on itself) wouldn't most of space be regions where the matter and energy from the big bang has not yet reached? (like i said im just a weedhead from jersey, sorry if its hard to grasp what im saying) Would there be space in these regions or would space just be inst
  3. This is might be the truest thing I've read on this thread. I have always felt that it is dead impossible to understand what is going on outside of something if you are stuck inside of this something. Im just a weedhead from jersey with an interest in this sorta thing. In places where there is no matter (a true void i guess) would time exist? Would it even need to exist since absolutley nothing is going on (movement)? And, without matter would space exist? I sorta got my own theory on this but i cannot put it into words.
  4. thanks a whole lot! that formula seems to work out really well. I would have never figured that out. thanks again.
  5. ok. i bought a business a couple of months ago. It is a service business and i have the same clients as the previous owner. He would charge a person, say $200 for the service and would have the sales tax included in that price. Well I have to pay NJ sales tax by the end of the month and am trying to find the actual base price of the service and the sales tax that would make the figure total out to $200. The previous owner would take the $200 and mulitpy it by $0.07 (nj sales tax) to come up with the sales tax to pay the government. That method is ludacris considering that he is taxing the
  6. yeah that makes sense. I should have put two and two together.
  7. LOL. I wonder how a creationist would respond to that. Probably say the same thing reversed. Anyways, thanks for proving my point apeman! ^^^^^^that wasnt for you paralith, it was for Inow. And no offense taken. It's not even that Im doubting evolution. And yes, i do not know much about it but i do get the idea. And yes i know the ideas have changed from day one, and i am sure they will change even more from day now.
  8. I was trying to see if anyone had any other ideas besides creation and evolution. To me it seems creationists and evolutionists are one and the same. Both ideas sound good. Both have their own flaws. Both seem to believe in their theories without a doubt. Both are extreamly narrow minded. Both promote and represent their theories to the fullest (as I look at alot of your sigs). Both parties continue to push their ideas on their opponents and call one another fools. And don't lie to me and tell me that you guys don't bicker. If I came in here spitting some creationist ideas this thread
  9. anyways............it seems i am successful in creating arguments, but no one really answered my original question.
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^all may be true. but you have to agree that the woman in my avatar dosent look much like an ape.
  11. Please explain to me the how an ape is not a monkey. That makes me wonder how many humans you physiclly meet.... Did you get picked on in school?
  12. Phi For ALL: first of all, this thread is not an evoution tutorial. I would not become a qualified evolutionist by reading this thread, so please ease the **** up off of my nuts. And if you guys think that you are apes, by all means: please continue this belief. If science was founded by apes, I dont think it would be very credible (not saying that it isnt). I'm just saying: I aint no monkey. Until i see monkeys build houses and go to work everyday, I wont buy it. If you guys think you are, thats on you. Now before you virgins try to "adapt" a new asshole on me and label
  13. Honestly. I am a man. Why would i need 2 nipples? When did males ever breastfeed? What is the point of this? What is the evolutionary advantage of having silver dollar nipples as opposed to those real itty bitty tic tac nipples? explain.
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