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  1. The subject is not for you. You trivialise the case and talk like an adolescent. There is a Troll out there going to eat you. It is called Market Force.
  2. Current physicists have no desire to be clued in. They wish future physicists to be clued up even less. Market forces. Supply and demand. THe money supply will solve it. It always does. The real McCoy always outsells the bullshit.
  3. Of course they will not appreciate it. Nor did the White House and Downing Street. The White House actually said so, on US TV by Jack Nicholson, the actor of all people. Only subject and not source was mentioned. The US is now going to war for the control of Iraqui oilfields. Blair too wants his piece of the action. The Dti will relish the spin off action. Thatcher had planned on scrapping the Dti empire but could not afford the redundancy payments. This story has done the rounds and is still running. It always will until the shit hits the fan bigtime
  4. Michelson Morley is totally discredited today. They assumed ether was out and then 'proved' it. Einsteinians were so pleased to see them get away with it. Proof should come before a conclusion. Please see subheading in blue THE THERMODYNAMIC LAWS. It details the Bomb Caloriometer story and two howling mistakes in the experiment. Was this experiment designed by an engineer or physicist ? It smacks of physics to me. Could be wrong though.
  5. The first bulbs were vacuum (aether) filled. N/Ar mix came to prevent filament vaporisation. The aether always represented vacuum zero but it was eventually thrown out to accomodate Einstein. Schrodinger and Bohr never liked time relativity. Planck was ambivalent about it.
  6. Unfortunately it is reviews by the 'peerage' that perpetuates scientific trash. Is it not obvious to you that they have a vested interest in it. It is their meal ticket and truth is the end of it. They have great futures far, far behind them. You are fortunate. I give it to you for free.
  7. The drunk was quite right and you have not read or understood the text. The vacuum in a light bulb is the aether carrier wave. It canniot be pumped out. A $25 Diagram 4c model proves the existance of a free lunch. A zillion professors may squawk and wail in the piss begotten manner of fafalone but it will not stop the truth and it will not stop the model going on BBC TV
  8. But you have said nothing at all. I am very disappointed in you. You appear to me as an indoctrinated clockwork parrot and repeat only the the messages with which you have been indoctrinated. Example and please think before you reply. The velocity of light is an RMS value. Root 2 times your indoctrination. You tell me otherwise therefore it cannot be a wave motion. You quote only my statements and make no effort to scientifically disprove them. You cannot. As for the next comment which likens my mind to the contents of a latrine. The commentator is a latrine and I will not dignify his reason for being there.
  9. Are there any Forum punters that will make intelligent comment to http://www.thewebspert.com/cresswell/
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