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  1. If a meson is an antiquark what is a virtual quark/meson? I thought a virtual particle was another name for antimatter altogether is this the case? If you could provide a resource it would be appreciated.
  2. Can someone help me put together what particles there are in the universe...I know this sounds outrages because there are so many but what umbrella terms should I know in order to categorize them all. For example what is a meson, boson, fermion, and lepton...are these all related under one term etc. could you please advise me on helpful resources as well thank you.
  3. I believe you would need something with a lot of mass like a whole planet or sun to effectively mediate it...if gravity itself could be contained somehow (don't ask cause I have no clue) then maybe you could do it that way.
  4. Ahh interesting...what other particles have no anti-particle is it limited to just light, also any good visuals?
  5. I love to think and I have sooooo many ideas around the universe. I am wondering what an anti-photon is called and if it is separate from dark matter at all or if dark matter is an umbrella term that anti-photons fall under. What would be useful is some sort of visual guide that explains particle relationships using the Standard model that includes dark matter. I believe the theory is Super Symmetry but my knowledge is so little I could be very wrong...I tend to bounce from idea to to idea and hopefully I am making sense. Also Why can't we tell what what existed during the Planck era?
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