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    So, as I understand it, the current theory on the beginning of the universe is that an extremely small particle that was unimaginably dense suddenly exploded and our universe began expanding correct? If so, where did this particle come from? It had to come from somewhere right? I know, if a God created the universe who created God and who created the being that created God I understand this concept. But, in my speculating(hence the speculations part of the forum), since God created the universe, no one had to create God. I know non-monotheists have a difficult time believing this, but think ab
  2. Yes, I have grown up being ingrained with religion. And I have wondered about the creation story and how it contradicts scientific finding most noticeably that the Earth was created in seven days, because it doesn't mention six thousand years in the Bible. And like you said this is contradicting but I have faith that the Bible is not completely literal, as Jesus spoke parables. I see your point and its given me something more to think about. Thanks. @hypervalent_iodine
  3. Thank you both for your input. And StringJunky, I see now that mathematics does descibe the universe like you mentioned, but then what governs the universe in your opinion?
  4. First of all, let me say that I am a Christian. And I am conflicted. I cannot dismiss either my religion or my belief in science. In fact, I want to be a professor in a science. It is my belief that the physical rules that our universe abides by was created by God or a god, however you may see it. And I do not understand why the majority of scientists are atheists. Would not such a mathematically governed universe such as ours need a creator? Don't computers need programmers? Why did such influential men such as Issac Newton believe in a god whil today's scientists do not. Any input is wel
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