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  1. I've always been fascinated by quantum engineering. Unfortunately, I know nothing of where to start. I'm just about to enter into college, but have no idea where I need to go to do this kind of work. Any ideas?
  2. I thought inertia was directly related to gravity..I may be wrong though. wow..nvm i dont know what i was thinking.
  3. lol good point but seriously why not?
  4. Ok..we're all talking about different things..I should have been more specific and defined which system..
  5. Doesn't Newtons law say that there would be the same amount of tension on the rope though? Nvm I see my mistake.. Friction does play a huge role on this.
  6. Ok..so I'm in physics and having an argument with my teacher about inertia. He says that in a game of tug-of-war that it has nothing to do with the force, because newtons laws says that its equal no matter what..that part i get and agree with..well there's no agreeing it's correct..anyways so he says the only way to win is to have more friction than that of the other side..this is the part where the arguement comes in. Ok..does inertia affect this, or is it really just ALL friction. I agree with him, but I do think that inertia has something to do with it. -Matt
  7. Ah cool that makes wayyy more sense -Matt
  8. I'm not sure..It's just hard for me to grasp this concept. I know about it, but i just can't "see" it in my head. I like it better when I can fully understand it. But unfortunately that's rarely the case in physics..
  9. guitarfrk451


    Is inertia a force?
  10. and kinetic's always less than static..correct?
  11. yeah i get that part...where does it go though? That is after it has overcome the static?
  12. I understand to overcome static friction..you must have an unbalance force more than the friction itself after you overcome static it changes to kinetic. Where does the static friction go? I understand it changes but can someone help me try to understand this a little bit better?
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