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  1. If a Stirling engine recovers energy from the exhaust gases(they have an high temperature) of an Otto engine then the total(Otto-Stirling) efficiency can be very good, I think it can be more high than a single Stirling engine. Are you convinced?
  2. The "eaton center" is a great shopping center in Toronto Canada. It's an artificial center closed by walls glass. I think the glass blowing on Mercury that is without air....can be handy seeing in a science fiction film a spacebase within a great glass cap.
  3. I think this can be possible: the sun has a rotation motion and at its equator the tangential speed is more high. If a superficial explosion at equator occurs then the mass has more probability to go out of the sun forming the planets with all its 2D orbits near the solar equatorial plane. Can it be possible?........
  4. during ionization I think there is a flow of electrons aka current. If it is then can the water be ionized and how the water is ionized?
  5. I don't understand........ .....even if the circuit is not closed there is an high potential difference so that would can lightning split the water into hydrogen and oxygen?
  6. I have a question: I know hydrogen goes out of terrestrial gravitation and I think that maybe oxygen is formed from the water.......... but I don't know if the water reacts during a lightning......................
  7. Maybe it's a only microscopic..fission-fusion nuclear reaction because are always required elements with an high density...........
  8. It's my first post...... I think: E=mc^2 is the limit of the energy that m(I think it is the first mass).....can give. E=m(v)v^2/2 is an energy that enhances with the speed. When m(v)v^2/2 = mc^2 the speed can enhance anymore. .............................
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