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  1. People can give you advise, and help you, but they cannot "choose" for you if you let them do that then you might find you dont like it after a few weeks of work. Running off other peoples experiences take the fun out of life.. Blackhole, lifes a journey, so dont listen to everything other people say to you.. Just do your studies and it will become clear..
  2. Heh, you want to experience hallucinations without drugs? I say go without sleep for a night or two, spin around in a circle 20 times real fast. Quickly sit down on the floor(still dizzy and tired) put your head to the floor and then raise your head up as fast as you can where you fall back to the floor and lay there staring at the ceiling.. It will lead to some forms of hallucinations if you do it just right.. NOTE: Hallucinations arent something really great to experience, maybe once or twice wont bother you but I have a strange case of paranoid schizophrenia, I get hallucinations pretty
  3. Heh, calling alcoholism, drug abuse, etc a disease is just an excuse to be an alcoholic or druggy. By saying "Its not my fault Ive been doing these things.. its my parents" ... It is not a disease nor genetic, its a choice. It is just humanly retarded to even classify it as a disease.. I've asked 1 professor, 2 of my family members(scientists) and some everyday people with opinions what they thought. And they agree that it shouldnt be considered a disease.. Its no different than any other addiction... is cigarette addiction a disease???????!!! pshh.. morons with moronic beliefs.. *get with re
  4. I dont believe alcoholism is genetic .. if a persons father/and or mother is an alcoholic, and they grow up in a clean enviroment with another family that has adopted them, doesnt mean they will be an alcoholic still. Its a funny issue. and I dont believe its classified "genetic" to most scientists.. Alcohol is a drug.. and is abused by experiences leading to alcholism... Also, ask yourself is drug abuse a "disease" or an addiction that hurts the mind and body...??? O_O
  5. Heh, noone can help you make up your mind. Just do college courses in as many sciences, maths, etc as you can... Then my friend you will find what is right for you. Good luck
  6. x/0 = no solution 0/x = 0... 0 is NOTHING. Any number(1) / 0 = 0 but you cant divide zero into anything because it is nothing.. negatives are below zero. They are the same as a something but are the opposite.. If it makes any sense... look at a number line.. -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4.. its not that hard to see this.
  7. Heh.. World of Warcraft can be fun if you play it enough.. I like games on BYOND. Well more or less I like coding games on byond. I also play games such as: Starcraft, Halo, Fable, Many ds games, and FF games are quite fun. OH YEAH CAN FORGET SUPER SMASH BROTHERS FOR WII!! FUN FUN!
  8. Zebbygoss


    People have been searching for bigfoot for so long now.. He/she/it does not exist. If it did there would be a number of them because there cannot just be one. and things that exist on land cannot hide forever like bigfoot. If we were able to discover atoms I think we would have caught a giant monkey like creature running in the woods by now. Dont you think??
  9. He was pretty straight forward with what he had taken. He said he only had taken some antehistemines and clonazepam. If he isnt cured by tomorrow I'll see to it he seeks an eyedoctor. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Weight and gravity are two different things.. The body may be able to hold twice as much weight but if gravity were to be increased your heart would weigh down twice as much including all other parts of the body. Which means you would indeed be crushed.
  11. A friend of mine who had been experimenting with drugs got ahold of some clonazepam. He claims to have double vision when both eyes are trying to read books. I done some research and found temporary diplopia. I was wondering should my friend seek medical help or will it cure on its own?
  12. If gravity were to even multiply by 2 we would be squashed.. Everything on earth would double its weight causing what I would like to call TOTAL CHAOS!!!!
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