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  1. I'll try and find a good citation for the information I have listed. But it will be two seperate as I have never heard the meat in conjunction with milk argument. Just that both are hard to digest. Also, drinking fluids dilutes the concentration if enzymes in your stomach and there by causes a slightly increased digestive difficulty with any food. But advice wise, I now drink almond milk. Easy to digest, can be used in cooking or just for drinking and is quite healthy for you, also (once my citations are up) it does not coat the stomach causing issues with absorbing nutrients through the stomach walls. Informal citation on that is that a poison control center will advise you to drink milk if a poisonous chemical is ingested to immediately slow down body absorption of the dangerous ingestion untill further medical action can be taken. Correction* the poison control center will advise milk to prevent quick absorption due to the coating of the walls if the stomach, not due to the difficulty in digestion.
  2. I have heard from many sources that red meat is not easily digested. If you look at a palio-diet, which is a diet based on the belief that we were evolved on a scavengers diet before mankind started hunting and gathering, and eventually farming making food sources available that were not available during the majority of our evolutionary history, it says that red meat is a very minor portion of food that is ment to be eaten and pur body's have more trouble digesting the massive amounts that we eat in modern culture. Milk falls in the same category,we don't have the proper enzymes to break down milk, especially the milk of other animals ment for thier babies, and it coats our stomach. In turn, eating red meat and drinking milk overloads our digestive system and it just doesn't digest well causing constipation and the body not to absorb the nutrients available in the food. If you consider food a life source for your body, then why buy food and eat it in a way that causes you to lose the reason for purchasing it in the first place?
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