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  1. I vote never....it is just us...no martians...just dead dead dead planets.And whats really sad is we are never going to be here again.We spend our time bickering and arguing when we should be in awe of our existance.We should meet people and cheer,hug and sing.Every day should be magical my friends,we all take it for granted that they will be a tommorrow,but tommorrow someone is going to die.Be thankfull for the time you all have left and yes worship a God.For one day tommorrow will be your last,your life will end..they will be no garden, or the meeting of love ones departed.Only the blackness of death awaits us.....so be thankfull for tommorrow for some never see it
  2. But you know this you will bet big!!,because you have no choice its all predetermined.
  3. yes your getting it,your playing roulette and have 50 dollars to place...your going to choose red....yes red it feels right but at the last minute no more bets pleese you place your chips on black......red 24...shite you knew you should have placed red but you didnt..its gone in the past now ,despite you believing you had a choice,free will !!you picked black when your instincts, deja vou whatever told you to pick red.You didnt though you had no real free will to choose you picked black because thats what you were meant to pick.Thats when you have a lucky streak you get the feeling your invinsible,you just know in advance your in tune, you pick a horse,dog,football team and you just know your going to win.somehow you are tapped into the pre-determined future in advance of it happening....so bet big my friend..bet big
  4. Yeah ive been laughing for ten minutes before i posted,then i thought 'oh dear' if we are actually the only planet out of the whole thing that has life on it....his right!!!which wiped the smile off my face
  5. I accept no im not great at physics,But this is like flogging a dead horse i never stated a magnetic reversal would cause an axial shift,but its knock on effect could cause one.I know the following is simplifying things but bear with me.It helps if you consider the fact that the earth spinning on its axis isnt a well balanced object(imagine a ball with a weight stuck to the side...)we know this is the case because the earth oscillates.Now worst case scenario the magnetic field disappears,Huge disruption within the earths mantle,we're bombarded with radiation from the sun,the earth is heated,ice caps melt,upheavel in geophysical mechanisms,lithosphere displacement,a speeding of plate techtonics over a short period.The magnetic field re-emerging goodness knows when,techtonic movement again to counter the imbalance already created and maybe an axial shift. Instead of them moving away imagine the coming together of gif image
  6. And if im on that plane as well i will shout "there he is the infidel,capatilist afront to allah...Burn him"
  7. Ok i will take ophi's and saya's comments on board,your laughing only at my post swansont.But without getting angry TOSH ! I give you respect as ophi said yourself,lucid,capn have had previous disscussions on the subject so no doubt you will have all researched sites to gain insight into the possible cause and effect.However your opening comments are incorrect,i cannot believe that someone who is supposed to know his stuff would make such a foolish statement as authoritively as you did .You DO NOT need an external torque to alter a planets obliquity.This is BASIC physics swansont. And yes it helps if you actually study geologyooops hey i do thats a bonus. The earths obliquity(thats axial tilt)has moved a few times in the past,In earths ancient past impact resulting in our moon which is widely accepted by scientists gave an est 70°,and stayed above 54° for most of the pre-cambrian(external torque).This means the pole regions were pretty sunny, no ice!!with glaciers forming at low-latitudes. During the late Proterozoic glaciation (800-600 million years ago), continents at low palaeolatitudes were glaciated.(do you see were im going here)Causing yes! the obliquity to decrease to about 26°between 600-400 million years ago.Were its been pretty stable,however as scientists dont all agree some say palaeoclimatic and palaeontological data suggest that in the Mesozoic and early Cenozoic the earth's tilt was only 5 to 15°.Notice ive only mentioned a few tilts,scientists cannot agree on a few some say earths obliquity has changed many times some very recent.You may have read about or seen some BBC documentary which Ophi mentioned,flash frozen mammoths eating daisies lol. Now bearing in mind what could possibly make the earths obliquity change? the moon you shout in triumph aha external torque!,correct i say when we first captured it.Sadly though it now acts as a stabilizing force.So we are left with geophysical mechanisms within the earth itself, such as dissipative core-mantle coupling,lithosphere displacement this amounts to an accelerated, global-scale version of the official plate-tectonic scenario, which may be caused by gravitational imbalances (uncompensated masses) within the lithosphere or immediately below it.Now maybe add magnetic reversals which prior to re-emergence it disappears(which may be a very long time mightin it precious...and them dont taste so nice do they..no...GOLLUM)solar radiation,icecap melts,increased seizmic activity...uhmmmm. Now you want to view the data and say they has been approx 170 reversals in earths past,theys also depending on which science doctrine you choose to champion plenty of obliquity changes.Its not rocket science to see a logical relationship here.But since all science is the best guess so far scenario,hey kinda like religion its what you want to believe i suppose.
  8. Thats correct but the former and all the cataclysm that follows can cause the latter.
  9. I never put my birthday in my profile simply because it isnt relevent but if anyone wants to use paypal to send me some money,let me know and i will give you the details my birthday is Dec19.
  10. I cannot see why religeous people find evolution so awfull to take in.I believe god the creator and the processes of evolution.The whole of nature,how ever much we think we know it is a constant wonder,Instead of being negative,take a look and be amazed by all gods work.I really see only one problem that these people believe God is a being.
  11. I havent read all of the thread yet but id like to offer some information if i may. Did anyone know that a shift in the earths magnticic field has tilted the earth in the past,bearing in mind thats what is going on at present.
  12. Everything happened in the past,many years ago and yesterday.It is nice to think that what if !!but unfortunately thats our lott.Just like the grandfather paradox, its silly to contemplate ever travelling back in time.You were not there then so you will never be there.The only logical scenario would be if ever there was such a thing as time travel,one could only travel back to the time when the first TT machine was made.And then the same rules apply,you could at best only go back as an observer.
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