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  1. Did your parents love you? Are you healthy? Are you not in pain either physical or mental? Do you have a job? If you can answer yes to any of these questions how dare you with this one sided completely callous post know possibly how people who commit suicide feel? What you are saying is a travesty- what you are suggesting utter nonsense. "a sign that says organ donation" the moment a person mentions suicide to a health care employee that person is legally obligated to retain the person on a 48hour suicide watch, which of course would be a hindrance to the person intending to commit suicide. The statistics are one thing in the US. Have you forgotten that there are 6 billion other people inhabitating this planet, that there are parts of this earth besdies the united states inhabited by people? Sure suicide may seem selfish here even though it is far more complex than that but what about the conditions of living in 3rd world countries with rampant poverty rampant sex trafficking aids or civil wars constant economical depressionnot mitigated by debt ceiling. People who commit suicide go to hell. I would refer the person who said that to refer to 1000 yrs of the use of the church as the opiate of the people- the rich over the top embellishments all there to keep the masses in check by assuring them that living in poverty in this lifetime will be rewarded in the afterlife with the splendor they see in church. THere is no hell. This is hell-where people take other people's pain and mock it. I would reconsider posting in this manner until you have physically had to live in the head of one with a insufficiency of neurotransmitters and whether you feel content to rag on the suffering people in this world. HAve some compassion, you self satisfied ignorant git.
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