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  1. 1,2-dimethylpropyl... isn't it the same as a 2-methylbutyl?
  2. I agree, bullet velocity should be horizontal, however, the effect of gravity leads to a change in distance which the bullet needs to travel. Therefore aiming straight at the bulls eye, the displacement between the barrel of the gun and the centre of the target is 200m, the hypotenuse formed by the displacement from barrel of gun to actual bullet contact with bulls eye will be incrementally bigger. The angle should be small but not negilible. Hence, given this, how can the suvat equations be used given that either the theta or the t is required to solve.
  3. Hi folks, thanks for looking at this. I've tried doing this and revisiting it to look for some fresh thoughts but can't seem to figure out how to use the suvat equations to determine the deviation from the centre of the target. A gun is aimed so that it points directly at the centre of a target 200m away. If the bullet travels at 200m/s how far below the centre of the target will the bullet hit? My aim is to determine the angle of the trajectory by using suvat for horizontal motion i.e. s = v*cosTHETA*t, but given v, I still have to contend with s, cosTHETA and t. I was thinking of using simultaneous equations with displacement and distance, however, I cannot figure of a way to determine the distance travelled by the projectile. If I use the suvat equation s = ut + 1/2at^2, the t and s are still missing. Can anyone give me a hint if I am on the right track or if not, as to how I should start? Any assistance is greatly appreciated, thanks! ~
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