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  1. Entropy is word from the past. Created by a guy from XIX. When scientists know nothing.


    Rudolf Clausius had no idea about black holes - in them it's reversed - even little photons are merging and forming composite particles.


    Imagine that you have apple - you can cut it to half, but you can't join these half again to form whole single apple. You can cut these half again, but you can't merge them.
    You can cut piece of metal to half, and they're separated. If you would like to join them together you have to add additional energy to melt it or weld it.
  2. In mine theory boson w-, boson w+, and boson w0 are just "clouds of elementary particles made of source and target particles hit in accelerator" (or in radioactive particle beta decay- just as big as down quark etc.). They exist fraction of time, as long as it's needed to form "the best matching" lighter stable particles from them. "The best matching" of course depends on how massive were source particles. It's impossible to create something bigger if there is not enough matter. Otherwise conservation of energy and matter would be broken.


    In today post I showed process of decay of example Pion+ at elementary particles level.


  3. Too much math..


    Objects are NEVER the same objects.


    Take for example yourself - you're breathing, oxygen is absorbed from air, changed to co2 etc. etc.


    Even if object is not alive it's constantly hit by photons, 65 billion neutrinos per cm3 per second from Sun. Air is heating it and cooling all the time by little fractions.


    Constant change.

  4. No "started Universe from 2 particles", rather "there are just 2 particle types, not 20+ like in Standard Model"..


    The all higher level Standard Model particles can be made of two elementary particles positive and negative, if there is rule how they join together.

    And this immediately answer decay beta-, decay beta+, nuclear transmutation, - particle is not stable, and it's emitting unneeded part of itself to start being stable.


    Physicists would immediately find this a long time ago, if they would get rid of idea of fractional electric charge in up and down quarks, instead of complicating everything by making QCD and "colors" and "anti-colors".


    Unlike real world, I am ultra conservative in Physics - if there is no need to create additional dimension, I won't make it, just to fit idea.



    Example pion + decay:




    Pion+ has to have +1 electric charge in Standard Model, in Ultimate Theory it's +3.

    It's made of up quark and anti down quark so:

    Up quark can be P 8/3 (Positive = 5, Negative = 3, 5-3 = +2, which is +2/3 in Standard Model)

    Down quark compatible with P 8/3 is:

    P 8/3 + e- P 5/4 + v0 P 4/2 = P 17/9 (Positive = 8, Negative = 9, 8-9=-1, -1/3 in Standard Model)


    Anti Down Quark has swapped positive and negative so: P 17/8 and electric charge +1


    Now create Pion+:


    P 8/3 + P 17/8 = P 25/11

    So it has 14 positive and 11 negative. 14-11 = +3 (+1 in SM). Neither 25 and 14 is Prime Number, so it's unstable.


    Now let's imagine to what it'll decay:


    P 25/11 -> P 5/1 + P 20/10


    P 5/1 has 4 positive and 1 negative, simply Positron e+


    P 20/10 is large neutral neutrino..


    To what else Pion+ can decay:


    P 25/11 -> P 7/2 + P 18/9

    P 25/11 -> P 9/3 + P 16/8

    P 25/11 -> P 11/4 + P 14/7

    P 25/11 -> P 13/5 + P 12/6

    P 25/11 -> P 15/6 + P 10/5

    P 25/11 -> P 17/7 + P 8/4

    P 25/11 -> P 19/8 + P 6/3

    P 25/11 -> P 21/9 + P 4/2


    The last element with equal Positive and Negative P N+N/N is neutral/neutrino-compatible particle.


    P 4/2 is typical neutrino Ve.


    Electric charge and mass is equal on left and right side of all equations.

    +3 -> +3 + 0 (or SM equivalents: +1 -> +1 + 0)

  5. The largest velocity that I am able to enter is

    v = 299792457.99999997

    after using 299792457.999999971 there is produced error/infinity (floating precision of computer, it might differ between web browsers, they have different implementations of JavaScript)

    1 kg at rest mass has in such speed 54794158.00594377 kg (55 million times bigger)
  6. Hello!

    I have Christmas present to you:

    on-line Special Relativity Mass Calculator

    It takes rest mass m0, velocity and speed of light as parameters, in units you want, and calculates final mass.

    It's working with floating point precision of web browser - it's using JavaScript to calculate mass.

    ps. It appears that the latest version of Chrome is buggy and there is need to click Calculate button. In Firefox it's immediately calculating after change of value.
  7. I was thinking about time travels to the past before mine main theory and came to following conclusions:

    - if time travel is possible then somebody or something will be subtracted (its mass) from the Universe in the moment of beginning of time travel. It means Universe is lighter than it was before. Let's call it time t1.

    - now we're moving to the past in the same Universe (as long as there is just one, no multiple Universes)- and something or somebody mass is added at time t0 - Universe is growing up, is heavier than it was. t0 < t1. But thing or somebody was there already in that form or another (atoms were used to other things, rocks, or bodies of animals that we eat etc.)

    - now imagine that we're waiting dt = t1-t0 and repeating this process. f.e. dt = 1 hour.

    in t0 there are appearing 2,3,4,5,6 instances of somebody or something, (....), repeat over and over again and there is infinite mass... because infinite number of exactly the same simultaneously existing atoms.

    This process would end up in creating black hole at time t0..

    Let's assume that multiple Universes are possible.

    In such scenario- source Universe is making lighter, the more people or things abandon it, and target Universe is making heavier.

  8. Ultimate Theory - Deduction Route

    As we all know Standard Model has very long list of particles. Including anti

    particles there is more than 20 "elementary" particles.

    I wanted to simplify this list.

    The first simplification stage is to get rid of fractions in some "elementary"

    particles. There can be no fraction at truly elementary level of the Universe

    in mine opinion. To do it we need to multiply electric charge of Standard Model

    by 3.

    So, instead of:

    Up Quark with +2/3 we will have +2

    Down Quark with -1/3 we will have -1

    Electron with -1 we will have -3

    Positron with +1 we will have +3

    Proton with +1 we will have +3

    Anti Proton with -1 we will have -3

    Photon, Neutrino, Anti Neutrino etc. with 0 are all 0 too.

    (and so on with the all other particles)

    The next stage:

    What must be combination of +1 and -1 to receive 0 electric charge?

    Of course there must be equal number of positive and negative particles.

    f.e. 1 positive and 1 negative.

    What must be combination of +1 and -1 to receive +3?

    There must be 3 positive particles more than negative particles.

    f.e. 17 positives and 14 negatives.

    What must be combination of +1 and -1 to receive -3?

    There must be 3 negative particles more than positive particles.

    f.e. 1 positive and 4 negatives.

    (and so on with the all other particles)

    If we have base particle with P positive particles and N negative particles. We

    can make it bigger (more massive) by adding any number of pairs: +1 to positive and +1

    to negative particles. Electric charge remain the same, but mass grows.

    f.e. particle with 9181 elementary particles will have 4592 positive particles

    and 4589 negative particles. And electric charge +3 (4592-4589=3)

    Mass ratio between it and electron made of 1 positive and 4 negatives is 1836.2 more massive.

    When you will start making list of particles made of two elementary particles

    Positive and Negative, you should immediately see that the real Universe stable

    particles are appearing only where are Prime Numbers in Positive and Negative

    count, or Positive and Total, or Negative and Total. 1 is included to Prime

    Numbers, because f.e. 1 positive can be surrounded by 4 negative particles,

    angles between them must be equal and it will look like tree with branches in

    the all directions. Negatives try to be as farthest from other negatives, but

    as close to positive.

    Animations and example snow particle made of mine theory is on mine website.

  9. I am computer programmer indeed for 20+ years. Including assembler.


    Programmers very little have to find f(x) like physicist, instead we're preferring "simulation".


    Imagine that we're watching world through satellite, and observing moving car (so small we can call it just particle).

    100 000 meters+ below satellite. It's moving from point X (home of somebody) at 7:00 to point Y (work), then process is reversed at 17:00..

    Quantum scientist would try to write f(n) describing how this particle is moving in time.

    Does this mean that car is wave and needs wave function to describing what it does?


    Computer programmer would work different way: make structure/C++ class with all attributes describing this particle position, rotation, velocity, acceleration etc., and how it behaves with environment and other "particles"- it can't drive through buildings, grass etc. have to pass through other cars not collide with them etc.


    Then run such simulation, and record the all calculated parameters in database. And if everything was implemented in code such simulated particle will be literally moving on route and avoid other cars without having to create wave function.



    Current Standard Model has:




    up quark, anti up quark,

    down quark, anti down quark,

    charm quark, anti charm quark,

    strange quark, anti strange quark,

    top quark, anti top quark,

    bottom quark, anti bottom quark,


    neutrino, anti neutrino,

    neutrino muon, anti neutrino muon,

    neutrino taon, anti neutrino taon,


    electron, positron,




    boson w-, boson w+, boson z,

    boson higgs,


    pion-, pion+, pion 0,

    muon, anti muon

    taon, anti taon


    (do you really feel they're all elementary particles??)


    Ultimate Theory can describe any of them using just two elementary particles: negative and positive.


    The real questions are:

    - what is final stability rule,

    - what is Total number of elementary particles of our world proton. What I was using in Ultimate Theory P 31/14 (or neutral Hydrogen P 36/18) is just example of equation.

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