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  1. they are at a Edge of discovering clues if this is truly possibility or a thesis going wild. Me on the other hand, have hard time believing in a multi verse, but within the theory their is sounding logic. their is also a high probability we are a Universe within a universe *kind of blackhole Universe* i can life with that.
  2. Think i understand becose their is no direct line it's called teleport,(distance irrelevant) rater then a phonecall. guess the information they send along side it must be tiny. but still it's quite incredible achievement.
  3. good afternoon, so what exectly do they mean with Teleport?, i read not long ago they successfully teleported something. but i do not understand, on this forum many say that information can't travel faster then light. so what's the deal? and what get teleported?.
  4. I not sure what the question is. but i think you ask that a object that gets in contact with a MBH, it's relativity will not be adjusted. they are to small for any effects to apply also they unstable at all times. if you wanna stop time, i sugest you freeze it.
  5. this question is weird. first let me explain the event horizon is just "wrapt space" it's not mass nor have any body. even if the blackhole is 2 lightyears, the distance by event horzon and the sigulariy is just empty space. second the sigularity is just tiny no matter how "large" the blackhole appears. only way to srink a blackhole is by time, it loss energy on it's own by hawking radiation.
  6. yet, those science that do, chances the world. example, Inventor of the Time crystal. which was claimed Imposable.
  7. I don't think it's practical. how do you expect to come with new ideas, theories, or even concepts?. do you think people that made history books, where not visionaire, they can look outside the box for their current age. i think science, need to chill down, and recalibrate or being stuck for centuries on old theory
  8. time to ditch big bang inflation theory, for a new one. I call it the Blackhole inflation theory, both are relative same basics. only few key structures are remade first this bigbang have troubles with *what become with* i watch a lot of documentary's they all point out to 3 possible futures. now a blackhole inflation theory, don't have trouble with what was first. example, blackhole do not need matter to create a massive gravity well and can be foundation on gravity problems what exist in today's theory's. second, It can explain why higgs can be unstable without ever being enable to explode whole Universe. third, what become, is not a issue we exist inside a blackhole universe from a other universe that have most likely other physics, and can possible even explain QM I based this on higgs, for being unstable.
  9. Assume entanglement really exist. then it's easy task too create a Quantum morse code device. when tested with several hours of light speed distance. now some hypothesis. if a code is send but without conformation at the receiver, probability still exist. the received information travels back at speed of light too the sender. *entanglement exist* but if the receiver send a massage right back to the sender, will Quantum entanglement cancel out? no room for Probability. so will entanglement cancel out in this scenario?
  10. Constuct Rules. Constuct Moves at the same speed as Light. Reason If moveing slower, light will escape the Constuct If moveing Faster, nothing within the constuct will have existed. force gravity It created outside the constuct, the constuct moves around a other object. with this simple idee, theory of everything is completed. Time arrow. all clocks within the constuct is set to 0 meaning it do not exist when a object is in motion it get pressured against fibers of space so how is this constuct?, is it flawed?, or sounds about right?
  11. but if the bible was write by men, why do it pretend to know the will of god and even worse, their exist many books that suppose to know the will of god. Bible, Koran, Hebrew bible, etc.
  12. humanoid form is the only construct of having enough room for a brain, and sensor equipment, while holding enough strength in fighting predators. with other words the ultimate predator. any form that do not fit in the humanoid form, will ether be to heavy, or to weak constructed to escape gravity. or not have the necessary building blocks to operate machinery.
  13. if i recall the functions of a brain is cross-linked. left controls right, right control left. around 1 at 10.000.000 people have a parallel Link, witch case them to function abnormal left=left right=right. your heart is on the left side, the function is on the right side of the brain, so doing the most dangers area of inquiring.
  14. normal i don't post on this sort topics. Extraterrestrials exist, just plain fact. we most likely will never ever meet them, but i bet they will look a lot like humanoids. simple explanation, they find DNA components in asteroids, the very idea of true alien Extraterrestrials is plain insulting. Physical will depending a lot of their home world. what also can have a possibility to exist are Robotic Extraterrestrial
  15. oke it might be far fetched But a HD is a plate made of magnetic material when data get write on the disc it exists out of and random Binary numbers and not focus the magnetic plate but if i write program that format the whole disc into only focused binary number say makes any number 1 the whole plate get in basically magnetized and so doing can damage the head that get pulled to the disc so basically software that can damage Harddrives Pyisical. is this just nonsense or is it really possible?
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