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  1. Questions are shown on the pictures. For the block diagram, I know (1) error signal (5) output (7) feedback signal What are the (2), (3), (4) and (6)? Besides, how to answer the RFID questions? Ans. 1. For example, mall card? Ans. 2. Ans. 3. Ans. 4. Ans. 5. Please help!!!
  2. All Questions are shown on pictures. My Calculated answers: A1(a) R= 19.21∠68.7o N (b) E = 19.21∠-111.34o N or = -19.21∠68.7o N <--- Is't either one answer is correct or not? If not, which answer is correct and why? Thanks. A2(b) I = 0.5mr2 = 1.125kgm2 A2(a) k=(I/m)1/2 = 0.212m A2© αt=ω, α = 3.14 rad/s2 A2(d) T=Iα = 3.53Nm I can't gain the answer of A2(a) first. I use the A2(b) answer to help me to gain the A2(a) answer. So, the step of my calculated order is A2(b) -> A2(a) -> A2© -> A2(d). Is't correct? B1(a)(ii) RBY = 1500N sum of force and moment = 0 RA = 1200N (toward left) RBX = 1200N (toward right) B1(b) RBY = 500N RA = 2012.4N (toward left) RBX = 1146.4N (toward right) B2(a) KE = (0.5)(10)(100) = 500J (b) PE = (10)(9.81)(147.8) = 14503.1J © v2 = {[(500 + 14503.1)x2]/10}0.5 =54.8m/s (d ) WD = 1.2(230) = 276J , v= {[(15003.1-276)x2]/10}0.5 = 54.3m/s B3(a) n = 1/0.08 = 12.5Hz (b) m = (0.08/2π)2(20x103) = 3.24kg © ω = 2π(12.5) = 78.5rad/s, v=78.54x0.01 = 0.785m/s (d) f = 78.542(0.006) = 37.01m/s2 , T = 2π(0.006/37.01)0.5 = 0.08s (e) I can't do this part, may you help me, please? All Questions are shown on pictures. All above my calculated ans. are correct or not? It there are something wrong, please don't hesitate to correct my answers and give some comment. Thanks a lot.All Questions are shown on pictures.
  3. The picture can be enlarged. Can you give me some hint by step by step for solving these questions? I don't want to get the answers and I want to know how to do and solve its. Thanks a lot.
  4. How to solve following five questions in the picture?
  5. 1. Why both L of left hand and right hand figures are different? 2. Why mg is put on the right end, not middle of the bar, in the right hand figure?
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