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  1. Thanks for the links! Yea, i watched like 2-3 TED videos and 2 of them were crap :/ Khan academy is a great resource too and for the time being his explanation are enough for me Maybe later i will wind them less informative or accurate Anyway, thanks so much
  2. My main focus is and will be computer science and programming, however i'd like to learn more about physics etc. I want to do it as my hobby atleast for now. Could you please write down some great books about physics, engineering even for beginners And thanks for the answers
  3. Hey everyone, I have a few questions about physics, engineering and so on... The thing is I'm currently 18 years old... Studying IT and i know quite a lot about computer.. well compared to the most people i know... but that's not important. Since my school didn't really work out the way i wanted... I wasn't able to get that much into engineering, physics and robotics as much as i wished... So the question is if i want to start learning about all this stuff, where do i begin? there is just so much knowledge i'd like to learn but i'm lost and have no idea where to begin :/ So if you could help me and point me of what should i start with, it would be great. I'm almost asleep and i'm not native English speaker, so i hope this post is at least a bit understandable
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