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  1. Can anyone help me with ciruits? I understand the concept of series and parrallel but I dont get the resistance, ampere and voltage eqjuations like VT=V1+V2+V3
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    Math specifically. I have a good understanding of it just I think somethings wrong.
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    Is it ok to ask for free tutoring from people on this forum? If I am please return message if you can tutor me a little? Or just some help. Email if you can XChinesemonkX@yahoo.com Thanks for the help
  4. Well I asked most of my teachers and I have a B in English a B in science a C in Math and an A in History an A for P.E. and finally a B in Home Ec. And I know how to raise a grade in Home EC and English. Just not math and science. Plus I had a test in Math which i will get like a c on and a test and a project in Science. I did good on the test and I dunno about the write up for the project because I didn't put any graphs on it although I highly doubt I need one.
  5. I've heard of so many ways to bring your grade up in a month before the quarter ends. But... none of them work unfortunately and I'm aiming for a private school next year. And if I don't make this third quarter cut I may not make it in. Some ways I've heard are extra credit, cutting the "fun" permantly from your life and just FOCUS all your attention on your work, sucking up to the teach, and finally counseling. All these don't work. Trust me. Some study tips are kindly accpeted and can someone tell me how to get rid of this metal block. I CANT THINK STRAIGHT. I thought my name was Bob one day!
  6. Ok look this volcanoe projeect im doing is killing me becuase 1. All the good topics i find cannot be done because my teacher has a "low" budget and can't get the right equipment. 2. Some topics are too "simple" and won't solve any thing like for example the plant life that grows around Kilauea. 3. THE INTERNETS SEARCH ENGINES SUCK LIKE HELL! I cant find a internet site that will tell me the mineral deposites around Kilauea and the elements like magnesium and stuff. 4 The topics i had in mind were taken by other studens. 5. My stress level is rising and my topics due tommorow.... PLEASE HELP ME OR I WILL BURST FROM THE INTENSE HEAT OF STRESS!!
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    Awesome Thanks Everyone!
  8. Heh thanks guys. You guys are awesome. I have found a flaw in my brain. I forget to much. Must be an early sign of alsheimers(spelling). Well to solve it I put a small note book in my pocket and do what ever it says on it. I hate assignment books cuz they're just not portable. Any ideas how to rid my laziness and "forgetfulness"
  9. My parents are so stubbron. I mean they get all agro on you if you screw up your wording when you explaing something to them. I explain them that I got 2 Bs and I sad why are you all mad and my mom was like. WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!?! I WANT THE BEST FOR YOU....etc. etc. etc. Bleh It's hard to believe they were like us once.
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    Chemical test as I stated before.
  11. HAHA DAMN SMILIE FACE! Ok correction I havent updated. I'm suppose to be thirteen... And it's not me who's setting high standards... its my parents....
  12. The title should explain its self but...I'm getting B's in some of my classes cause I see no point of studying and im getting lazy....Psssh yeah ok. So please make this go away! ITS KILLING ME!
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    Ok! First off I'm a "he". And I'm asking to find out minerals that can be identified through expirementing that can be found in lava and rock formations near volcanoes. I guess thats what confused people. Theres like an iron test in which you can test the earth's magnetic feild through magnets.
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    Awesome just what im looking for. Thanks dude.
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    What is a good mineral that is easily able to be tested near volcanic activity? For example magnesium? But how would you like test it? E.i. put some water on it and it will turn purple... Thanks
  16. Thanks guys. Wish me luck!
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    Could Mars actually have true color as earth? Because there is some evidence that NASA maybe hiding something from us. I found a website where it shows Mars with true colors not rusty red. http://xfacts.com/spirit2004 it seems pretty logical to me. Share your opinions on this.
  18. I have a topic on volcanoes, its how the minerals in lava rock formations vary and I actually have to go to a volcano. Lucky me I live in Hawaii. But I need some constructive critasism here. Not some flames on how stupid my topic is. Thanks!
  19. i need help on pendulums on the variable that affects the swing time of it. thnaks
  20. How did we get from what you just said from blue spheres...
  21. i need help figuring out how to get the effeciency {bad spelling} of simple machines. I know how to get the mechanical advantage. Thanks in advance
  22. WOO I'm being proven wrong. Sweet!
  23. Stephan Hawking states that there could have been a so called "Pre-Universe" or a universe before the Big Bang. Now Black holes he states can lose their mass because matter is somewhat able to escape. Thats why when you look at pictures of black holes you see that there is matter streaming at the poles at high speeds. Now when to much of this matter is ejected out the smaller the mass of the black hole. Now it is "said" that when the black hole finally loses all its mass and then implodes. Now this implosion is also said to release most of the matter in which the black hole ate. Well what if the big bang was actually a black hole in which it was born from a big star. Or it could be the merging of other black holes to create a massive black hole. Well its just a thought and if you guys have anything to say go ahead. This is just one of my bizzare ideas. I heard some other guys thought of this too.
  24. ok theres two cannons ones at an 90 degree angle and theres another one exactly half of the angle. They are both shot a the same muzzle velocity. Which hit the ground firt. I think its both but some of my friends say the 90 degree will hit first. Any ideas formulas or answers? And if you have the answer could you show some proof?
  25. Well I found this website that explains the fourth dimension or also known as "tetrapace". http://tetraspace.alkaline.org/
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