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  1. Is there any post with information of QEVs? I would like to get more informed and see how much it will cost me in both ways. I can see your point. Did I say 60 rounds per second???? I have mistaken that. "How are you feeding it?" Well, the thing is It's not done, but I would feed it with a BB magazine, has 60 rounds each magazine.
  2. What speed you can get with a QEV? And fire rate? With a QEV I am worried about the automatic fire. What I thought, is using 2 coil and changing polarities of both I could make a piston that moves up left and right. Will attach a photo, so you can have some more idea, it is not a good photo, but will do for the drawing. This system, will need further more automation, because you have to change the polarity more of 50 times per minute.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the answer. So it wouldn't be effective. What about a spiral form for the coil with a polarity in one side and the other in the other side? I think it would do the same as the cylinder no? Sorry about these stupid questions, but it's better to ask and be sure than spend money in something that wont work. I will pose my idea, so maybe you can help me more. I've got this idea to make a "Coil gun", but as all of us know, a coil gun will only throw something magnetic. Well my idea is throw things by compressed air, let me explain my self. In the coils, there will be a piston which will compress air in a cylinder and after throw it throw a nozzle. Just like an air rifle. I know seems crazy, but craziness is one step forward of intelligence
  4. Hi, I have been looking about how to do a coil gun and did one with a coil of copper wire. But what would happen if instead a copper wire I use a entire copper cylinder drilling a hole side to side, so you have a air core coil (simple coil). I've read that the more dense is the coil, more power you will get. My question is, how would it effect the coil gun, would it not work because the resistance that gives the cylinder is so low that could make a short-circuit? Another question I have is, could you do an automatic coil gun at a speed of 100m/s? When I say automatic, I say like 60 rounds per second. Regards, Jonathan
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