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  1. a fishing pole holder on a fishing boat
  2. Here are three riddles if you get them all right you are a riddle master Here is a easy one to start I get wetter the more I dry The next one What do you throw away the outside and cook the inside then you eat the outside and throw away the inside The last one I am far from the point but I dont make mistakes I fix yours (hide) a ray of light (hide/)
  3. I am particaly color blind and a manged a 124 whcih is great for me since I cant tell red- green and brown apart
  4. it is a scam just google the name of the company and there is like a 100,000 hits just click any one kk
  5. after I built it all I use it for is writing my c++ programs so if you think that linux is fun to mess with the programing of the Os i will give it a try on my old computer before I upgrade for Xp then I will try to run a parrell so I can have both linux and XP on my new computer if I like linux enough
  6. i know but i plan on upgrading the computer so I can have xp
  7. also is have linux really worth having if you dont have internet I dont think I did
  8. i will try to do that but windows 98se does not have the drives for flashes\
  9. but how can I get to my computer since it does not have internet here is a curve ball for you it only has 96 mbs of ram
  10. where can I get linux for my old!!!!!! pc it runs 98se
  11. I googled it and it came up as a street in eruo I als think that it is not english but latin becuase if the peom This is the poem in latin MEUS LATIN EGO HABITUM Carus , OF TABELLAE EGO HAVE TEN , TAMEN MAY EGO NUNQUAM ANIMADVERTO NEQUE NEC Audite , ILLUD ALO LACUNA Iterum. this is what i have so far Two ow_ _ Is _ _ _ s_ In _wi_ To
  12. What I want to know is why do people like linux so much
  13. I want to know which one would be cheaper for a desktop to build one or buy one.
  14. I dont not care about moblity all I was goning to use the latop was for a desktop rerplacment
  15. which do you think would be a better choice depinding on bang for your buck a desktop or laptop??????
  16. where can you get one for that little
  17. The price range is below 1500$ I know i is not a lot but it is just for school work so I dont need a lot of ram or hard drive
  18. I am thinking about getting a laptop which is better macbook or a diffent laptop
  19. Like Mr SwordFish i too do not have any degree but i am 12. To the question of swordfish I agree with the answer Aternus about the common oversimplification about the 10 dimensions theory. If you follow other theorys and theorize that there are other univeses (e.g. the multi-univese theory) it could be possible for some bein from another dimesion could theoratical transport to our own univese but we would never see them becuase they would not be in our own dimesion so we would never know if they are here
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