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  1. Well, I was actually exaggerating with the talk of the smack round the ear, but a spank on the bum and no Barney the Dinosaur for an hour is probably reasonable punishment. Emotion abuse can scar a child for a lifetime. Most people in the old days, like me, got spanked on the bum, not socially ostracised, and hey, look how well I turned out. Also, I think the ostracisation of the lefty theory of the 'timeout' probably has contributed to the social ostracisation that gay people feel in society.
  2. I'm sure Global Warming would benefit a lot of species, if it weren't complete and utter bollocks to begin with, and not simply a Marxist redistribution of wealth scheme.
  3. A lot of lefties advocate 'time outs' nowadays. Timeouts, are essentially the silent treatment, or ostracism, which is far more painful.....it is the hallmark of people with borderline personality disorders, and is far more hurtful, damaging, and abusive then giving some brat a good swift smack round the ol' ear hole.
  4. There's only one problem here too, there is absolutely ZERO evidence that humans in fact evolved.
  5. Darwin probably made a lot of stuff up, he had to have, because there are more holes in his theory than in a sieve. All I know is there's an agenda that started with him to put forth the religion of evolution to counter Christianity. Which is fine. That's not to say a lot of what Darwin suggested isn't true, but at the same time, Evolution could well have been God's creation. Anyway, I don't think anyone with a University Education is qualified to discuss things like this, because University students have largely been brainwashed, by leftist thought and have closed minds; they can't understand anything that doesn't fit into their paradigm. Lefties sure love their 'isms' thought - Darwinism, Marxism, Feminism. Anything to refute the natural order of things. Darwin couldn't reconcile the cruelty of nature with God because it furthered his and the early lefties desire for complete amoralism. Either way, Darwin was mostly a wanker. That Couvier guy, now he was cool. Darwin was basically an 18th century ZZ Top guy, with that silly ol' beard of his.
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