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  1. Hi, I am researching the discoveries made by and the technology developed by Nikola Tesla and I would like to speak with Eric Dollard, a scientist and engineer who is an expert on the research of Nikola Tesla. I have watched the video lectures and demonstrations of Eric Dollards work at Borderland Sciences Research Foundation and I recently ordered a few of his books on the theory of Tesla's technology. I am interested in paying Eric Dollard to consult my research group on replicating Tesla's wireless transmission of energy system. I have been unable to find Eric's contact information; I know that he gave a lecture in San Francisco during March 2007. I would appreciate any information you can give me on contacting Eric Dollard. Thanks, David Ellstein david.b.ellstein@gmail.com Researcher Governing Dynamics
  2. Hi, I am interested in replicating Floyd Sweet's Vacuum Triode Amplifier. I have found two web pages that describe the respective web page owner's method of constructing a replica of Floyd Sweet's Vacuum Triode Amplifier. The web pages are http://www.hyiq.org/Library/Floyd_Sweet-Archive.html and http://jnaudin.free.fr/vta/vtabuild/index.htm It seems to me that these two web pages describe a different design of the Vacuum Triode Amplifier. Does anyone have any experience replicating Floyd Sweet's Vacuum Triode Amplifier. I would appreciate any advice. I am investigating what type of wire I need to buy. However, it seems that the hyiq.org web page design has two coils that are not wrapped around the magnet and there are two magnets; where as in the jnaudin.free.fr/vta/vtabuild/index.htm page three coils are wrapped around the magnet along different axis. David
  3. Thanks for the advice. I will look into building a thermal ammeter. David
  4. drumfunk

    Spark Gap

    Thanks again for your advice. If anyone else know of a particular manufacturer of vacuum spark gaps, please inform me.
  5. I do not see how a bridge rectifier solves the problem of a limited bandwidth for accurate measurements of a multimeter. The reason is that when you rectify the voltage or current the voltage or current still oscillates however now its polarity is constant. Therefore, I think that a common digital multimeter,which has a bandwidth of 40 to 100 Hz, is still unable to make accurate measurements of the voltage or current of this device. In fact, don't multimeter rectify the voltage or current on their own; this is why they have the AC measurement option. I look forward to hearing your reply. Thanks for your response. David
  6. I want a thermal ammeter because it does not have a bandwidth for which it can measure current accurately unlike other ammeters. Thanks a lot for answering all my questions. David
  7. I want to purchase a thermal ammeter. I am not sure if that is the common name for the instrument. The ammeter measures the temperatur change undergone when the current runs through the instrument and then determines the current that must of run through it. I would appreciate any help in finding a distributor or manufacturer of this type of ammeter. David
  8. I am using an analogue ammeter to make current and voltage measurements. The analogue meter utilizes and electromagnet; it is not heat based. I am curious if their is a bandwidth for which this type of meter is accurate. I know that digital, hand- held multi-meters have bandwidths that are usually limited to between 40 Hz and 100Hz. David
  9. drumfunk

    Spark Gap

    What companies or individuals sell spark gaps? I am searching unsuccessfully on the internet for a manufacturer or dealer of vacuum spark gaps. There are no vacuum spark gaps sold on ebay. I am seeking a vacuum spark gap to replace an air spark gap in my 250 KV Tesla Coil. I would appreciate any advice, David
  10. Hi, I am trying to find a manufacturer or dealer of vacuum spark gaps. I would appreciate any advice on finding a vacuum spark gap. My intention is to replace my air spark gap with a vacuum spark gap for my 250 KV Tesla Coil. I hope to hear from you, David
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