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  1. Hi, First of all i want to say sorry if my language is not good enough to explain because English is not my mother language And sorry if I post this in a wrong sub-forum So I have an assignment from my college about Physics, specifically Fluids In a team of about 7-8 people We have to make a mini air balloon based on Archimedes principle.. And the minimum requirements are : 1.) Able to fly 0,5 meter above its initial position 2.) Fly about 1 minute 3.) Max Mass of the source of heat : 20 gram The questions are : 1.) What material that if burnt or act as a heat source could produce great energy in a minimum mass ? So the thing that is commonly used is candle, maybe tiny ones, but I think there are things greater than that.. And I hope the material or the thing is easy to find or build.. 2.) The shape of the balloon could be anything; Sphere, Cylinder, Cube, etc. What do you guys think the best shape that could make it efficient and effective to fly ? and why ? (that rhymes ! ) Also what do you think the material of the balloon should be ? Plastic, Rubber, etc ? Thanks
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