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  1. /network. Desiderii marginis. /human. That is scary. Anddd it took forever to get Mrs. Bot to reply those three little words (and I don't mean "I Love You," I've already had enough of that)
  2. As I understand it, Calcium Hydroxide (which is a common compound in various industries) will react with Carbon Dioxide Gas to form Water and Calcium Carbonate. It seems that CaCO3 is popular in many industries and reducing CO2 levels are a necessity. So the question is, would delivering and dispersing a payload of Calcium Hydroxide be reasonable? Also am I missing anything? I feel that someone had to have come up with this idea already.
  3. Hurricanes are very large cyclones of hot and cold air (high and low pressures) spinning in a circle pulling water up where it's heat is then dispersed, adding to the problem. If so, stabilizing the pressures would prevent the storm from starting. It isn't that far fetched to propose a small army of drones carry liquid oxygen to the high heat (thus high pressure) region and releasing it, is it? After all, if the storms are natural heat dispersion, don't we have the option to balance the heat manually?
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