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  1. I'm gonna call your bluff on this one. Which part of my post requires tidying in your opinion? If the answer is a dismissive "the entire thing," then it should be all the easier to point out a few of the more glaring examples of untidiness. Which, of course, you won't do for several reasons. One, it would put you in the odd predicament of devolving into a Grammar Nazi, as you certainly will be unable to find any flaw in the actual content of the post. And certainly a representative of your prodigious intellect wouldn't do something that pointless and irresponsible, would you? If howev
  2. Calling all Great Minds: The Theory of Everything The Theory of Everything Premises: 1. We don’t see in three-dimensions, we see intwo-dimensional surface area. We canonly see the OUT sides of objects. 2. What we call dimensions are determined by theinversion of INside and OUTside. Oddsand Evens, binary. 3. We call this effect relativity, and it is the motion whichmanufactures reality. Nutshell: Let’s assume Spacetime is 4-dimensional. Most people translate this is as we live inthree dimensions (up down, left right, forward back) and we move through t
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