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  1. 1)What is the output of this code fragment ? i=1; while (i<128) { printf ("%d,i) ; i *=2; } 2) What is the output of this code fragment? i=9384; do { printf ("%d",i ); i /=10; } while (i>0) ; 3)Same question for (i =5,j=i-1;i>0,j>0;--i,j=i-1) printf ("d",i); 4)Same question for (i=10;i>=1,i /=2) printf("%d",i++)
  2. I have -103.44.... how do I convert this in twos complement? in the typical regular way like I do with the numbers without fraction?
  3. We have X and Y,each represented with 2 bits in one's complement.Write down the expression of a Boolean function F which takes the True Value only if X=-Y.... how to do this?Please help I need this ...
  4. Convert the following number from the representation in hexadecimal according to IEEE P754 standard to the decimal system. The number is C4980000.. Now I know that IEEE P754 is related to the floating point,I see no floating point here?
  5. I have to convert 101.012211010 which is in base 10 to base 2,and the error should be in maximum 1%...
  6. I have the number 4.281.000 miliards ,how many bits are needed to represent this number in binary? just tell me where to start ?
  7. But if I add another 1,then I won't have 6 bits but 7 bits :S
  8. Convert 7 and -7.25 to twos complement with 6 bits and add them.So , -7.25 is smth like 1001,01. When I add 000111 to it,the result is 1000,01...and if i convert this to twos complement the result is not -0.25...whats wrong?
  9. Convert -128 ( decimal) to binary,representing the number with Two's complement with 8 bits...when I convert it to binary it is 10000000..so it is already 8 bits, if I put the bit of sign then it is 9 bits...110000000 I also have to convert 115,375 (octal) to binary representing the number with 16 bits,but when I convert it I have 001001101,011111101..which is far more than 16 bits..where am I wrong?
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