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  1. Well that is my queue to exit. Thanks for the help. And thanks Mr Spock for your logical reasoning and thoughts. Its good to see that these forums are closely regulated by people like yourself... helping those who post a question to find a quick and helpful answer to their concerns.
  2. No, they're just about the same size. How would I go about the procedure to "test it carefully" ?
  3. Where do you think the original 'pets' came from which they breed to become domesticated pets ... ? Anyway, so does anyone know if the treefrog Hyla squirrela are toxic in any way?
  4. I think he might be a Squirrel Treefrog (Hyla squirrela) - I wouldn't have found it if Phi for All hadn't made his suggestion (in the same family). Do you know if the frogs in this family are toxic at all? to ajb: its called a pet
  5. He doesn't move much. As you can see in the right picture I had him in a box. I left him there overnight and in the morning, in addition to the yellow spots - he had some slightly bigger brown spots on him. His skin is slightly granular. When he pooped last night, it was about half his length; and he seemed to get skinnier. He's about 2 inches long. -I can try to get some better pictures of him when I get home tonight.
  6. I found this frog in the Raleigh area of North Carolina. I was curious what kind of frog it is? I have some turtles in an aquarium - would it be safe to put him in with them? He's pretty bright green with little yellow spots and he has sticky feet. Is it possible that he is poisonous?
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