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  1. Alright guys, there has been an update. There are some weak-positive results that suggest that light is being warped slightly by the use of an electric field The first hour or so are explanations by Dr.Harold White. Moreover, it has been recently discovered that an astronomical amount of negative energy or vacuum energy is present at the focal line of an ellipsoid solar panel or mirror... I'm still baffled by this, and reading through papers concerning this topic.
  2. Well, sorry for the long wait, but I have been reading up on one of Harold White's latest papers, "Warp Field Mechanics 102". To put it simply, he oscillates the density of "exotic" matter and changes the shape of it to reduce the required density to that of the Voyager 1 spacecraft (in terms of metric tons). This is still unfeasible, because only minute pseudo-negative pressure has been observed (Casimir effect). I apologize for not being able to post a screenshot of the graph showing this phenomena.
  3. The interpretation of the Quran by a Medical Doctor: That is the only thing I cannot disprove. Link: http://drshabbir.com/library/qxp_arabic1.8.pdf
  4. The human mind.... God was created so it was easier to understand the things that we were once fearful of. Such examples include natural disasters, unexplainable phenomenae (eclipses)... etc. However, a belief in the supernatural may have also instilled hope in many of our ancestors... so in some way, belief in God may have functioned as an advantage in evolution, thus making us more prone to belief in a supernatural deity/deities. Now, this is just speculation on my part.
  5. Well, the current budget is just about $50,000... so I don't expect anything big unless if this instance of warp is generated.
  6. Negative energy, however, is required. Now, I'm just speculating, but don't black holes separate particle/anti-particle pairs, with the resulting anti-particle being a particle of negative mass and therefore negative energy? If this is the case, does the toropidal capacitor operate like this, or does it simply utilize the Caismir effect? I too am unsure of how the capacitor generates warp, and probably will never know as Dr. White has signed a non-disclosure agreement.
  7. Becoming a medical doctor is extremely difficult, I too am a sophmore student, and like you, struggle with English. For now, I must say that it is better to focus on the present and aim at getting excellent grades.. Medical school comes after University, which in turn, comes after secondary education. Now, I am assuming you are 15, and with that said Medical school is way down the road. I myself try not to think of the qualms of getting into med school, and do my very best in the present. That is the advice I give to you. P.S. Nearly all state medical schools are good, they only accept 300 or so applicants of the 3000 that apply. That is a 10% acceptance rate... Hell, here are the statistics regarding marks at UBC medical school ( the school I want to get admission in.. hopefully). http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/files/2012/12/Interim-Statistics-2012-13-MED-2017.pdf
  8. May be too late now but you can use this software to help with your troubles in organic chemistry... https://www.khanacademy.org/science/organic-chemistry
  9. Apparently electromagnetism could be used to do the very same thing... experiments with bending light (like gravitational lensing) via magnetic field are currently taking place. Read More: http://aerorocket.com/WarpMetrics.html
  10. Well, to my knowledge, the 2012 Noble Prize for Physics was shared by two physicists who used quantum entanglements to beat the "uncertainty" state of particles. That entire law that revolves around observation of a quantum state (uncertainty) resulting in certainty via probability. Well, these guys were able to find a loophole around this principle. However, I do not know how something this extraordinary could be done. Refernces: http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/2012/advanced-physicsprize2012.pdf
  11. Unless if we could enclose our communication signal within the same "warp bubble" spoken of.
  12. You should not base your judgement on that of people thousands of years ago... especially priests who conformed to their self-interests.... Nonetheless, Religion is still a system of control and fear.
  13. A new species will arise over time as the environment changes and as natural selection comes into *BIG* effect. You'd really have to have large amounts of people separated into a different environment. This group of people will thin down, and only those with preferable traits will have a better chance of surviving. Millions of years later, and genetic mutation among those with more "preferable" traits will be more and more evident.. thus "creating" a new species better adapted to this certain environment.
  14. General Relativity? Alright, I'll give it a go on my second paper. Yet that seems to be at tie with the Great Attractor... Nonetheless, I will have to watch some lectures to familiarize myself with that. I humbly thank you for your kind advice. Yet, I have another question. Would I be able to understand General Relativity? I mean I'm proficient enough in Highschool Calculus and Classical Mechanics...
  15. Also note that the ship is not subject to time dilation, as the space around the ship is expanding and contracting simultaneously. The ship itself does not move.
  16. Alright, we'll I'm supposed to be writing an article for my high-school newsletter. Being a lowly novice of physics, I thought I'd right one on the Alcubierre warp drive. Any tips on how to really dumb the physics down? Should I really mention positronium, or any other exotic matter? What about a Miguel Inferormeter and how it curves space-time by its appearance in energized states?
  17. That is absolutely correct. The amount of hawking radiation emitted from the bubble could destroy anything within, if kept at non-subliminal speeds. I'm not exactly a genius, simply an enthusiast who places science as a favorite subject. With such said, I'm not well informed enough about Quantum physics or relativity to say anything about the matter. I will however, be working on that in the summer; especially with all the schoolwork in the way at present. Indeed.
  18. Alyaarn


    Where did you get these statistics from?
  19. Hello, this will be my first article, and I thought I'd write it on one of my favorite topics. Anyway, instead of listening to my rhetoric, lets get right down to the information. This "Warp Drive" I speak of, is actually the same theoretical drive speculated on in one of Miguel Alcubierres' papers. In theory, this warp drive bends space to allow for quick travel between two points (tesseract). In theory, this drive could propel spacecraft to over one billion million times the speed of light, but would require 10^64 kg of exotic matter (matter that has negative mass). Because of this, warp drive technology has been ignored... until now. In January of 2013, Howard White discovered that he could reduce the energy requirements to about a metric ton of exotic matter. This was done by oscillating the warp bubble, and slightly changing its shape. As of January, NASA is currently working on building a practical warp drive with the use of an infernometer. All I know about this contraption is that it measures curvature in an area of space. Nonetheless, this is an astonishing discovery and if successful will propel humankind to the stars. Realistically, the only way we can seek to explore the galaxy (or even the Universe) is to utilize some form of travel that is faster than the speed of light. Otherwise, it would take many years to reach the nearest star ( 4.3 ly distance ---> 70,000 years). Refernces: "How NASA might build its very first warp drive." io9. We come from the future.. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2013. <http://io9.com/5963263/how-nasa-will-build-its-very-first-warp-drive>.
  20. Evolution got it "right", because it simply was "right". If you're confused about why things evolved, I think that may have something to play with the complex laws of the Universe, but that is beyond my understanding. Evolution itself is merely change in a species to match the ever-changing environment invoked by predators,weather change... etc.
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