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  1. The point of the thread is the question of whether or not the force of the Singularity will cancel itself out once past the event horizon. Because if every direction leads to Singularity, then Singularity will pull you from every direction.
  2. I know, they all lead to the Singularity MigL, the problem isn't that there's only one direction, problem is that EVERY direction leads to the Singularity. Edit: mistyped xP
  3. By definition, within the event horizon, there is no "different direction". Every direction leads to the Singularity xD
  4. Yeah, I got that within event horizon, the only possible path is towards the singularity. As the space has been warped so much that traveling in any direction, forward, backwards, left, right, up or down, will get you closer to the singularity. If that is true, singularity should be pulling you towards it in every direction. So, I am having a hard time grasping how tidal forces will still exist
  5. Distance from your head to the singularity should be different from the distance from your foot to the singularity. However... if all direction leads to the singularity then singularity will pull your head in every direction towards it. It will also pull your feet in every direction towards it. So the net force on your head should equal net force on your feet. You should be able to generalize this so that it applies to every point on your body. It seems like the tidal force should only be felt before you enter the event horizon, but not after...
  6. What do you mean? If all paths lead you towards the singularity, then any direction you face should also lead you towards the singularity. The singularity should be the same distance away from you in every direction because every direction leads towards it. If that's the case, then the pull towards the singularity should be in every direction by exactly the same amount
  7. Yes, there is no path to escape, because all path leads to the singularity. Thus, every direction leads towards singularity. So, you are getting pulled towards singularity in every direction. But, if you get pulled towards the singularity in every direction, they should cancel out.
  8. Okay, most sources say that once you get past the event horizon, you will be ripped apart by the gravity and die. Yet, they also say that once you pass event horizon, every direction leads to the singularity. This doesn't make sense. If every direction leads to the singularity and you get pulled toward the singularity then you are getting pulled towards the singularity in every direction... Wouldn't the forces cancel out? Also, since the singularity is infinitesimally small, wouldn't it take you forever to actually get to the singularity as every part of you is approaching that which is infinite?
  9. Create a dystopian society where the government stores the semen and eggs of its citizens and then make them infertile. Wait until the said citizens die and if the time of their death is greater than the average life expectency of the total population, create more of them. Rinse and repeat. Sure, there will be outliers and many other variables like wealth... But with law of large numbers + time, there should be some results. On a more serious note, although it's too much for humans, have there been a study like this with creatures with shorter life spans like Lab Rats? Would be interesting to find the mutations that they obtain to be able to live longer
  10. Lets say I sleep at 12:00 AM... Then, I wake up at 3:00 AM, Go surf the web for an hour, Then go back to sleep at 4 til 8:00 AM is this equilivalent to sleeping at 12:00 AM, then waking up at 7:00 AM?
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