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  1. This is a thread where each poster gives a riddle or an answer to a previous riddle. I'll start it off with a simple riddle. There are at least two answers that I know of.


    What can you put in a barrel and make it lighter (can't remove the air and add a lighter composition of air or add a container of gas.)?


    Lighter fluid and a lit match. Heavier at first but lighter after a minute or two.

  2. The Ansari Group could create a new X Prize for 2010. But it will take more than $10,000,000 in prize money. Then there maybe a possibility that it might happen by then, otherwise I think it'll be another 10 years or so.

  3. Hello all...pi_of_9 here. Obviously, I'm a Star Trek fan but have not been able to bring myself to attend a convention.


    I am still searching for my purpose in life...I thought saving lives as a paramedic was it, but I became apathetic. Too many idiots with self-inflicted injuries/illnesses. Quit after 14 years and now I sell books. No strange bodily fluids to clean up.


    I love science, love to learn. Oh, I love my husband and my pets as well. I enjoy this forum and learn a little something from it everyday.

  4. Really? No Birth Certificates? No Social Security Number? No Drivers License? No passports? No Bank Account? No Registration to Vote? No Medical Records? No Insurance Policy's? No Electricity Bills? No Credit Cards? No Employer Records? No Vehicle Registration? No Land Deeds? No Police Records? No Dentists? No Post Office? No Gun Control? No Vaccination Records? No Schools? No Universities?


    Holy crap, you must all live in a feudal society with mud for currency


    My point was that there is no requirement to show I.D. when entering the voting booth. All I have to do is walking into my precinct, tell them my name and address and walk into the booth.


    I could give any name and address, as long as it matches one on the list. It is a joke and a travesty. The sad part is that I don't forsee a change in the near future because there are too many "undocumented workers" in California and no politician wants to lose that constuency or the backing of latino voter.


    I am inclined to agree with LucidDreamer on the validity of national I.D. cards.

  5. I'm not in favor of national I.D. cards. But, the national I.D. card, if properly dispensed, should cut down on illegal voting. .............NO ?


    Not in California where no form of I.D. is required whatsoever.


    I'm a member of the general population, and I really can't see why it is "bad for me".


    It is a violation of privacy. Some would say, "If you have nothing to hide, there's no need to worry". I say, that if you have not put the public in harm's way (i.e., no criminal record), the government needs to stay out of your business.


    I WOULD be inclined to agree that an I.D. card be issued for every person entering the country that is not a citizen. I would not be opposed to being issued a card should I visit another country. I firmly believe that every country has the right to track non-citizen that have crossed through the borders.


  6. There is a report I read that Bin Laden is stuck in a refugee camp in Beijing China, and that they are working on a deal with Bush for trade of Bin Laden (also election) for other goods to place them in a super power position.


    bin Laden is a Muslem and hates the infidels (that would include the Chinese). He would not hide in a non-muslem community. My guess that he is in the Middle East, Africa, or Indonesia. Who knows, maybe he is pushing up daisies and his people are covering for him.

  7. That is the truth there. It sickens me we wasted so much resources on Iraq, instead of putting them to work for liberating these tortured people.


    The U.S. forces just found another mass grave in Iraq. The Iraqi people weren't tortured? Have you read about the tortured athletes that didn't perform to expectations under Saddam's regime?


    The problem with Sudan is that the whole region is so unstable, if the U.S. went in, forces would be in place for decades. The U.S. does not need to be there any more than it needed to be in Iraq.


    Let the U.N. deal with it.

  8. Bad for the general population, good for the incarcerated and those on probation. Actually, the criminals should have a chip surgically implanted and the government should have DNA records for every incarcerated person.

  9. 4 nuns in line at the Pearly Gates


    St. Peter asks the first nun: Have you ever broken your vow of chasity? The nun replies, "I saw a man's privates once and lusted". Peter saus "go to the bowl of holy water over there and wash your eyes with it. Then you may proceed to Heaven.


    St Peter asked the 2nd nun the same question to which she replied, "I touch a man's private parts once". St. Peter says, "Wash your hands in the Holy Water then proceed to Heaven"


    There's a commotion as the 4th nun runs toward the bowl of Holy Water. St Peter asks "Where are you going?" The nun replies, "I'm going to rinse my mouth before she puts her a** in it.

  10. JaKiri has it right...He represents the States.


    Homosexuals account for about 5% of the population. It is a small, but vocal interest group. Atheists also make up about 5% and agnostics also make up about 5% of the population. The president (any president, not just Bush) should not to cater specifically to small segments of society. While I believe in States rights, this is one area that I believe that the all of the voters should decide. It should not be left to a President or a judge.


    The Methodist Church's official position on homosexuality is being challenged and may tear the church apart, as the Episcopalians...or was it the Presbyterians?

  11. Communism isnt a bad government; its structured very well. Basically, everybody works the same and gets paid the same. Everything you buy is through government, hens a closed market. The problem is that the world is pretty much open market. Communism isnt oppressive, it can be, like democracy, but communism itself can be run democratic


    Communism provides no incentive for the individual to achieve. Why should person X work harder than person Y? Both receive the same pay and same crappy benefits. Person X will not receive a bonus or any reward for hard work or ingenuity.


    Most all Communist countries have very strict law enforcement to ensure conformity. People are not allowed to express their views openly (the old Communist Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea). I cherish my right to speak my part without fear of the government taking me away in the middle of the night, never to be seen again.


    Communism is a utopian concept and works in small communities where the individuals are of like minds with similar goals and objectives. Kibbutz and Communes are examples of communist micro-societies that function well. The people are not forced against their will to stay (although some radical religious communes have held their "followers" captive).


    In a large society, everyone has different desires, beliefs and levels of effort. Some people are down right lazy while others are great acheivers. I predict that in the next 50 years, Communism in China will be replaced by Socialism.

  12. I have a question that deals with acceleration but did not want to start a new thread as the question has probably already been addressed.


    If there was a large hole that extended from the North Pole through the center of the Earth to the South Pole and a person fell in...would he fall all the way through or stop at the center? If he stops at the center would he move up and down like a bungie jumper until he comes to rest?

  13. I speak Spanish fairly well. My dad is from the Azores (Acores) and I am learning Portuguese which is like slurpy Spanish. I also play handbells with a Korean foreign exchange student so I am trying to learn conversational Korean. I have gotten as far as "hello", "how do you say...", and "where is the bathroom?"

  14. I can still control my dream. I had one last night in fact. I was mandatorily called in to work at a place that I worked 4 years ago. I arrived at work and then realized that I was dreaming and that I don't work there anymore. I walked off the job in my dream.


    My favorite dreams that I can control are the flying dreams. I love them! I usually wake up on my back when I have my flying dreams but I normally sleep on my side, so I don't have them frequently.

  15. what exactly is a "horseshoe" or "tadpole" orbit anyways?


    I believe it describes the shape of the orbit. The object in a horseshoe orbit does not move around a central point in a circle or ellipse but swings somewhat like a pendulum. I have also seen reference to a Tulip orbit. Although, this was in a book written about the Nemesis Star and was theoretical.

  16. socialism is much more effective than capitalism


    If that is the case, why is the U.S. the most prosperous and one of the most politically stable governments in the world?


    In fact, one of the major medical problems of the poor in this country is obesity. Figure that one out....kids have holes in their shoes, but the shopping cart is full of sodas, beer, chips, and other crap. I was a paramedic for 14 years in the Bay Area and Central California and not once did I ever pick up a patient who was suffering from starvation. I've seen 5 kids sleeping on a mattress on the floor, but the house had cable and a big screen television.


    The problems in this country is not caused by the leadership, it is the choices that people make. Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Nixon, Carter...it doesn't matter who is in office, people want to blame someone else for their own shortcomings. They do not want to take responsibility for themselves or their actions. This country chock full of people who believe that the government owes them.


    The federal government owes us nothing but protection from invasion. That is all. The people of this country should not be taxed by the Federal gov't . The states should be the governing body without interference.


    "kerry is a pathalogical liar"

    but bush is a truthfull little angel....


    I never said that Bush was truthful. Every politician in Washington lies and schemes. It is the way of things, I suppose and it's been that way since the dawn of time. Sad commentary...

  17. Well, that certainly is a rub.


    But John Kerry is closer to a socialist and I want as little government as possible. The government should provide for the defense of the nation, not provide after-school programs, national healthcare, or tell me that I have to wear a helmet or seatbelt. I don't care what a woman does with her body, as long as I don't have to pay for it. Have an abortion, just not on my dime.

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