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  1. Bears breakfast

    not certain if this is what you mean.
  2. Bears breakfast

  3. Bears breakfast

  4. Bears breakfast

    that can result to a conical cut and damage this works..(unless one of the bear notice that the middle layer has damage unlike the upper and lower layer) but the cutting blade length is just twice the radius (as shown) so the spinning cut of 0 deg bent knife can only divide into 2 parts.
  5. Bears breakfast

    @Phi for All -little bear's drink ain't ready yet like the forks,knives and napkins. -good guessing of cake . But no need to cut layered cake between layers since they were separated already. -If the in between material is tough the length of the U shaped cutting knife you proposed shall be more than twice the diameter of the cake.
  6. Bears breakfast

    @Phi for All -No, 2 drinks,a whole round cake,clues. And the candle (maybe a red herring). -yes, the slice is a single movement of blade (not the tapered edge) in one direction..horizontal,vertical or rotational.
  7. Bears breakfast

    oh..actually the transparent bottle is not a donut.
  8. Bears breakfast

    @Phi for All -yes she can follow the marks..or make new ones needlessly. -she can use the bent knife ..or straighten it again before or after the cut. -yes,"already" means hurrying her by cutting once and the no cut have been made yet. @NimrodTheGoat -maybe that is why they are fat. @DrKrettin -the illustration was done with excel inserted ellipses and polygons. I can't do Goldilock's hair. (see illustration for clues)
  9. Bears breakfast

    Momma bear asked Goldilock to divide the whole round cake into 3 equal pieces. So The girl marked 3 equally distanced points around its perimeter in order to make 3 slices from the center (where the candle is) to the markers. But before she can do the first slice Poppa bear asked her to do it with just 2 slices if she can. So Goldilock bent the knife into 120 degrees angle in order to make a 1/3 piece on first slice (with knife vertex on the center) and two more equal 1/3 pieces from the remaining part with the second slice.But before she can do the first slice Little bear asked her to do it already with only 1 slice. So how did Goldilock divide the cake into 3 equal pieces with a single slice? (see illustration)
  10. Poison in a Glass

    Taking all glasses off the scale does not count as using it once.
  11. Golden Eggs

  12. Poison in a Glass

  13. The unanswered puzzle

    @uncool- I thought it was 340122240 which is I just remembered is the product computed for "answered" . Since un=1/9 , 37791360 really answers this problem. Note that I have posted this in this section 4 years ago but it was unanswered (no reply). -It started with the anagram "one+twelve=two+eleven" ..as I could remember.
  14. The unanswered puzzle

    @imatfaal- thanks for clarifying that factors are Integers..I took the wrong term and it should be " If letters are values to multiply in equations:" so on.. @Raider5678-I see now why you think it is impossible. Because factors are not fractions. All the letter values are correct! You'll just get it answered.. (the error is somewhere in the multiplication for the product)
  15. The unanswered puzzle

    @imatfaal-why should the factors(letters) be all whole numbers?